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Mathematics is more than just algebra, geometry and calculus.  It is the primary tool of science, the language of modern technology and the structure of creativity. In the broadest sense, mathematics is the study of patterns, relationships and logical structures. Regardless of the area of mathematics, the common goal is not only to understand the objects under study but to relate them and form connections to other phenomena.

The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma’s mathematics department is dedicated to offering the highest quality mathematics education in a student-centered, liberal arts environment.  We teach advanced abstract mathematics that allows students to find structure and simplicity from complex objects.  With this solid foundation, we encourage students, through independent study and undergraduate research, to search for connections between different branches of mathematics and look for connections between mathematics and other disciplines.              

The USAO mathematics program is designed to meet the needs and interests of the general student, provide the mathematics background required by students in the physical and behavioral sciences as well as develop the maturity and competence required by the student preparing for a teaching and/or research career in mathematics.

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Career Possibilities

Appraiser, Budget Officer, Credit Manager, Educator, Estate Planner, Geologist, Internal Revenue Investigator, Investment Banker, Mathematician, and Statistician