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A major in natural science is designed to accommodate a student’s broader interest in the areas of science. This major is appropriate for students desiring to continue their education in a variety of science or medically-related fields. These fields include the health professions, teaching at various levels, agricultural pursuits, law, economics, government positions, industrial research and other opportunities. 

This degree is appropriate for those pursuing pre-health science programs, programs in science teaching certification, as well as health and science support services. Pre-health science majors should consult pre-health science requirements along with natural science degree requirements. 

Today’s graduates have a need to be more literate with regard to mathematical and scientific principles and computing technologies. USAO strives to produce graduates with a strong ethical sense and an understanding of how mathematics and science interrelate with the other components of the liberal arts. 

Students wishing to obtain a teaching certificate must complete the degree requirements for a chosen major, as well as the course requirements for teacher certification.

Note: Items on this page and page links are intended for informational purposes only. Please consult the current USAO catalog for actual class requirements for this or any other major field of study. Current USAO students should consult their advisor.

Career Possibilities

Air Pollution Analyst, Astronomer, Chemical Sales Representative, Crime Lab Analyst, Educator, Food and Drug Inspector, Laboratory Technician, Medical Technologist, Perfumer, Soil Scientist, Taxidermist, and Weather Observer