Course Catalog 2012-2014


Our new online catalog is under construction.  Until it's launched, here's a PDF copy for your use: USAO Catalog 2012-14.

We hope you find it useful in every way as you plan your path to graduation and beyond. Our admissions materials may have given you a sense of the unique mission and distinctly different curriculum that makes USAO a nationally recognized model for interdisciplinary learning.  Here in the catalog, you will see this more fully explained.

The policies and graduation requirements applicable when you enroll as a first-time student – freshman or transfer – will remain in effect for you until you graduate. You’ll start over under a new catalog after six years or if you leave college and return after one fall or spring term. Remember when you started, because in general that’s the catalog that applies to you. 

If you started at USAO before this new online 2012-14 catalog was launched, here are previous versions. The last catalog, 2010-12, is a website. Previous editions are in downloadable PDF format:  2008-10, 2006-08, 2004-06.  To find paper copies of any previous catalog, please go to the Registrar’s Office in Troutt Hall 204.

Get enrolled or start your USAO experience in the Office of Admissions, Troutt Hall 225. You will be assigned a faculty advisor who will help guide you through the process toward your degree plan.

With warmest regards and best wishes for your success here and well beyond,

Dex Marble
Vice President for Academic Affairs