Akins, Eric  Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor

405-574-1227  Physical Plant, Room 100.  Email
Allen, Derek  Lead Sales Associate, Bookstore

405-574-1304  Student Center, Room Bookstore.  Email
Anderson, Tonnia  Special Adjunct Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies

405-574-1312  Davis Hall, Room 204.  Email
 Kelly Arnold
Arnold, Kelly  Director of Communications and Marketing

405-574-1337  Troutt Hall, Room 102.  Email
Ast, Sharon  Accounting Clerk/Foundation Bookkeeper

405-574-1355  Troutt Hall, Room 220.  Email
Atkinson, Kay  Administrative Assistant for the Registrar's Office

405-574-1204  Troutt Hall, Room 204.  Email
Bare, Sharla  Payroll Clerk/Accounts Receivable

405-574-1335  Troutt Hall, Room 220.  Email
Basco, Chris  Assistant Dean of Students/Emergency Management & Campus Security Director/Director of Health Services

405-574-1331  Student Center, Room Nobbs Wellness Center, 2nd floor.  Email
Beaty, Leslie  Athletic Trainer

405-574-1398  Fieldhouse, Room 101.  Email
Bellemain, Annick  Associate Professor of Foreign Language

405-574-1268  Davis Hall, Room 249.  Email
Bice, Danny  Educational Interpreter

405-574-1339  Gary Hall, Room 209.  Email
Bohannon, Kenneth  Associate Professor of Music, Music Department Coordinator

405-574-1293  Davis Hall, Room 235.  Email
Boyce, Lynn  Vice President for Information Services and Technology

405-574-1215  Austin Hall, Room 113.  Email
Brantley, Michael  Carpenter

405-574-1233  Physical Plant, Room 100.  Email
Brashears, Paula  Administrative Assistant for Business & Finance

405-574-1211  Troutt Hall, Room 220.  Email
Brown, Brenda Gabioud  Professor of English

405-574-1207  Davis Hall, Room 119b.  Email
Brown, Kelly  Director of Nash Library

405-574-1262  Nash Library, Room 202.  Email
Brown, Steve  Professor of Art

405-574-1287  Davis Hall, Room 313/106a.  Email
Bruce, John  Professor of Language and Literature

405-574-1236  Davis Hall, Room 222A.  Email
Carroll, Diane  Exec. Asst. to the President/Sec. to the Board of Regents

405-574-1201  Troutt Hall, Room 210.  Email
Casey, J.C.  Professor of Communication

405-574-1242  Davis Hall, Room 106b.  Email
Chambers, Katey  Communications and Marketing Technician/Administrative Assistant

405-574-1318  Troutt Hall, Room 103.  Email
Chan-Yu-King, Roch  Professor of Chemistry

405-574-1285  Austin Hall, Room 210.  Email
Coker, Tom  Computer Technician

405-574-1359  Austin Hall, Room 113.  Email
Cook, John Paul  Assistant Professor of Mathematics

405-574-1279  Austin Hall, Room 211B.  Email
Coponiti, Laura  Assistant Director of Financial Aid

405-574-1350  Troutt Hall, Room 112.  Email
Coponiti, Mike  Vice President for Business & Finance

405-574-1333  Troutt Hall, Room 220.  Email
Professionals Photo
Crick, Niall  Admissions Counselor

405-574-1306  Troutt Hall, Room 225.  Email
Crow, Kevin  Associate Professor of History

405-574-1216  Davis Hall, Room 202.  Email
Davis, Katie  Associate Professor of Theatre Arts

405-574-1310  Davis Hall, Room 106c.  Email
Davis, Patty  Custodian

405-574-1233  Physical Plant, Room 100.  Email
Deviney, Rhonda  Administrative Assistant for Sodexo Campus Services

405-224-6050  Student Center, Room Cafeteria.  Email
Donald, Ashley  Administrative Assistant for Student Services

405-574-1278  Student Center, Room 303.  Email
Dracars, Cody  Web Developer

405-574-1369  Troutt Hall, Room 107.  Email
Duncan, David  Television Production Specialist

405-574-1214  Nash Library, Room 106b.  Email
Evans, Joe  Registrar & Director of Enrollment & Records

405-574-1205  Troutt Hall, Room 204.  Email
Feaver, John  President of the University

405-574-1201  Troutt Hall, Room 210.  Email
Feaver, Marilyn  SOIC Executive Director

405-574-1368  Nash Library, Room 302.  Email
Feild, Leah  Admin. Assistant for Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences & Business

574-1239  Davis Hall, Room 116.  Email
Ferguson, Vicki  Professor & Chair, Education and Speech Language Pathology

405-574-1253  Gary Hall, Room 106B.  Email
Ferrell, Wendi  Instructor in Business Administration & Management

405-574-1265  Troutt Hall, Room 316.  Email
Feuerborn, Eric  Director of Alumni Development

405-574-1320  Stevens Alumni House, Room 2.  Email
Finch, Rhenada  Music Department Staff Accompanist

405-574-1238  Davis Hall, Room 222D.  Email
Finck, James  Assistant Professor of American History

405-574-1229  Davis Hall, Room 219B.  Email
Francis, Chris  Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

405-574-1384  Physical Education Building, Room 114.  Email
Galer, George  Security Officer

405-222-8066  Troutt Hall, Room 120.  Email
Galer, Judy  Custodian

405-574-1233  Physical Plant, Room 100.  Email
Garneau, Christopher  Assistant Professor of Sociology

405-574-1243  Davis Hall, Room 223.  Email
Givens, Burley  Custodian

405-574-1233  Physical Plant, Room 100.  Email
Givens, Wynetta  Custodian

405-574-1233  Physical Plant, Room 100.  Email
Gonzalez, Jose  Custodian

405-574-1233  Physical Plant, Room 100.  Email
Gower, Donna  Associate Professor of Education

405-574-1230  Gary Hall, Room 101a.  Email
Guajardo, George  Director of Institutional Research

405-574-1321  Troutt Hall, Room 313.  Email
Guerrero, Sheila  Bookstore Manager

405-574-1304  Student Center, Room Bookstore.  Email
Hampton, Jimmy  Head Men's and Women's Soccer Coach

405-574-1358  Physical Education Building, Room 115.  Email
Hanks, Lisa  Financial Aid Specialist

405-574-1240  Troutt Hall, Room 112.  Email
Hanson, Dan  Professor of Music

405-574-1297  Davis Hall, Room 237a.  Email
Hanson, Jan  Professor of Music

405-574-1298  Davis Hall, Room 237a.  Email
Hanson, Judy  Mail Clerk, Custodian

405-574-3417  Lawson Hall, Room PO.  Email
Hargis, Jerry  Regents Professor of Communication

405-574-1314  Davis Hall, Room 204b.  Email
Harris, Tony  Building & Structure Supervisor

405-574-1227  Physical Plant, Room 100.  Email
Hayden, Jennifer  Head Women’s Basketball Coach

405-574-1257  Fieldhouse, Room 102.  Email
Hayden, Sam  Assistant Baseball Coach

405-574-1345  Physical Education Building, Room 108.  Email
Hector, Nancy  Assoc. Professor of Education & Coordinator of Field-Based Experiences

405-574-1354  Gary Hall, Room 206B.  Email
Hector Godwin, Emily  Adjunct instructor/Head Drover Dancers Coach

405-574-1239  Davis Hall, Room n/a.  Email
Heilman, Adam  Printing Services Manager

405-574-1280  Troutt Hall, Room 124.  Email
Hester, Lee  Professor of American Indian Studies

405-574-1289  Davis Hall, Room 229.  Email
Hitt, Robyn  Financial Aid Clerk

405-574-1353  Troutt Hall, Room 112.  Email
Houtz, Jani  Administrative Assistant for Science/Phys. Ed. & Instructional Technology

405-574-1284  Austin Hall, Room 210.  Email
Howell, Heston  Security Officer

405-222-8066  Troutt Hall, Room 120.  Email
Howsden, Joanna  Teacher of the Oklahoma School for the Deaf

405-574-3444  Canning Hall, Room ..  Email
Hubbard, Tommy  Assistant Men's and Women's Soccer Coach

405-574-1308  Physical Education Building, Room 115.  Email
Hughes, Nancy  Dean of Students

405-574-1330  Student Center, Room 301.  Email
Hwang, Yunjae  Instructor of Deaf Education

405-574-1241  Canning Hall, Room 210.  Email
Irby, Kirk  Groundskeeper

405-574-1233  Physical Plant, Room 100.  Email
Jackson, Jessica  Assistant Director of Communications and Marketing/Sports Information

405-574-1210  Troutt Hall, Room 107.  Email
Jennings, Joyce  Custodian

405-574-1233  Physical Plant, Room 100.  Email
Johnson, Dianna  Custodian

405-574-1233  Physical Plant, Room 100.  Email
Johnson, Kellee  Development Officer

405-574-1393  Troutt Hall, Room 110.  Email
Professionals Photo
Johnson, Leandra  Head Cross Country Coach, Asst. Women’s Basketball Coach

405-574-1372  Physical Education Building, Room 114.  Email
Karjala, Aleisha  Associate Professor of Political Science

405-574-1286  Davis Hall, Room 221.  Email
Karner, Karen  Director of John Morris Speech & Language Clinic & Instructor in Speech Language Pathology

405-574-1274  Gary Hall, Room 116a.  Email
Kelley, Sean  Associate Professor of Physical Education

405-574-1248  Physical Education Building, Room 110.  Email
Killman, Frankie  Custodian

405-574-1233  Physical Plant, Room 100.  Email
Knapp, Jacquelyn  Associate Professor of Art, Art Department Coordinator

405-574-1302  Davis Hall, Room 309.  Email
Lasseter, Stephen  Security Officer and Custodian

405-222-8066  Troutt Hall, Room 120.  Email
Lawrence, April  Admissions Counselor

405-574-1338  Troutt Hall, Room 225.  Email
Layman, Sarah  Assistant Professor of Education

405-574-1231  Gary Hall, Room 206D.  Email
Long, Jennifer  Professor of Economics & Director of Interdisciplinary Studies

405-574-1217  Troutt Hall, Room 317.  Email
Professionals Photo
Loutsch, Jeannette  Associate Professor of Biology

405-574-1325  Austin Hall, Room 207.  Email
Marble, John Dexter  Vice President for Academic Affairs

405-574-1221  Troutt Hall, Room 215.  Email
Martin, Christopher  Assistant Professor of Economics

405-574-1269  Troutt Hall, Room 312.  Email
Mather, Jeanne  Professor of Education

405-574-1291  Gary Hall, Room 206A.  Email
Mayo, Rhonda  Library Assistant

405-574-1263  Nash Library, Room 205.  Email
McCoy, Linda Henley  Instructor of Speech Language Pathology

405-574-1256  Gary Hall, Room 116e.  Email
McElroy, Linda  Professor of Education

405-574-1219  Gary Hall, Room 206F.  Email
McGill, Anna  Admissions Counselor

405-574-1357  Troutt Hall, Room 225.  Email
McMonagle, Nicole  Library Assistant II

405-574-1341  Nash Library, Room 204.  Email
McNabb, Vanessa K.  Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs

574-1221  Troutt Hall, Room 215.  Email
McPherson, Brisco  Athletic Director

405-574-1249  Fieldhouse, Room 100.  Email
Metcalf, Vinson  Head Men's Basketball Coach

405-574-1329  Fieldhouse, Room 103.  Email
Moats, Nancy  Director of Financial Aid

405-574-1251  Troutt Hall, Room 112.  Email
Morgan, Blake  Assistant Professor of Art

405-574-1303  Davis Hall, Room 311.  Email
Morphew, Andy  Sports Information Assistant

405-574-1361  Troutt Hall, Room 107.  Email
Nealeigh, Michael  Vice President for University Advancement

405-574-1324  Troutt Hall, Room 106.  Email
Newbrough, Robert  Instructor in Accounting

405-574-1266  Troutt Hall, Room 307.  Email
Photo of Roland Nunez
Nuñez, Roland  Director of Student Development & Assistant to the Dean

405-574-1378  Student Center, Room 302.  Email
Orsi, Tony  Assistant Women's Soccer Coach

405-574-1308  Physical Education Building, Room 115.  Email
Osborn, Nancy  Professor of Physical Education

405-574-1246  Physical Education Building, Room 112.  Email
Oxenford, Leah  Lab Coordinator

405-574-1296  Austin Hall, Room 110.  Email
Perry, Catelyn  Director of Counseling, Disability & Career Services

405-574-1326  Student Center, Room 305.  Email
Professionals Photo
Phillips, Chelsea  Associate Registrar

405-574-1206  Troutt Hall, Room 204.  Email
Phillips, JoAnn  Custodian

405-574-1233  Physical Plant, Room 100.  Email
Pike, Jacob  Carpenter

405-574-1233  Physical Plant, Room 100.  Email
Pool, Daniel  Assessment Coordinator

405-574-1281  Troutt Hall, Room 318A.  Email
Preston, Taylor  Graphic Designer

405-574-1383  Troutt Hall, Room 103.  Email
Pryor, Phil  Graduate Assistant, Soccer

405-574-1308  Physical Education Building, Room 115.  Email
Reding, Martin  Theater Facilities Manager

405-574-1223  Davis Hall, Room 202b.  Email
 Dr. Rees and son in Scotland
Rees, Shelley  Associate Professor of English, English Department Coordinator

405-574-1244  Davis Hall, Room 222C.  Email
Reynolds, Matthew  Instructor of Deaf Education

405-574-1273  Canning Hall, Room 212.  Email
Richardson, Ken  Assistant Softball Coach

405-574-1261  Physical Education Building, Room 109.  Email
Rodgers, Meagan  Assistant Professor of English, Writing Center Coordinator

405-574-1394  Davis Hall, Room 204A.  Email
Ross, Mike  Head Baseball Coach

405-574-1228  Physical Education Building, Room 108.  Email
Ruth, Elizabeth  Campus Salon (Hot Pink) Owner/Stylist

405-574-3645  Lawson Hall, Room ....  Email
Sanders, J.C.  Chair of the Division of Science and Physical Education & Assistant Professor of Physics

405-574-1258  Austin Hall, Room 211A.  Email
Sartin, Randy  Custodian

405-574-1233  Physical Plant, Room 100.  Email
Schlehuber, Rose  Security Officer

405-222-8066  Troutt Hall, Room 120.  Email
Scott, Lucretia 'Cricket'  Head Groundskeeper

405-574-1233  Physical Plant, Room 100.  Email
Sekula, Kate  Special Adjunct of Music

405-574-1288  Davis Hall, Room 251.  Email
Settlemires, Donna  Assistant Director of the Showband

405 574-1316  Davis Hall, Room 129.  Email
Settlemires, Joe  Director of the Showband

405 574-1316  Davis Hall, Room 129.  Email
Shaw, Jason  Assistant Professor of Biology

405-574-1292  Austin Hall, Room 210 C.  Email
Sherman, Jason  Systems Librarian

405-574-1340  Nash Library, Room 303.  Email
Shores, Bobbie  Admissions Counselor

405-574-1272  Troutt Hall, Room 225.  Email
Siddiqui, Adeel  Network Administrator

405-574-1319  Austin Hall, Room 113.  Email
Simpson, Zachary  Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies

405-574-1381  Davis Hall, Room 204c.  Email
Smith, Dottie  Administrative Assistant for the Physical Plant/Security Officer

405-574-1233  Physical Plant, Room 100.  Email
Photo Not Available
Smith, Harold  Groundskeeper

405-574-1233  Physical Plant, Room 100.  Email
Smith-Wallis, Jadyn  Head Softball Coach

405-574-1260  Physical Education Building, Room 109.  Email
Steele, Brian  Residence Life and Hall Director, Lawson Hall

405-574-3603  Lawson Hall, Room Resident Hall Director's Office, 2nd Floor.  Email
Steele, Misty  Academic Resource Counselor/Retention Officer

405-574-1376  Student Center, Room 304.  Email
Stockstill, Julie  Finance Clerk

405-574-1213  Troutt Hall, Room 220.  Email
Story, Robert  Computer Technician

405-574-1275  Austin Hall, Room 113.  Email
Swinburne, Tammy  Gear Up

405-574-1351  Gary Hall, Room 118.  Email
Tan, Richard  Professor of Computer Science

405-574-1252  Austin Hall, Room 204.  Email
Taylor, Sherry  Administrative Assistant for Enrollment Management

405-574-1225  Troutt Hall, Room 218.  Email
Thomas, Christina  Sparks Hall Director

(405) 574-1311  Sparks Hall, Room Sparks Residence Hall Director's Office, First Floor.  Email
Thomas, Eileen  Administrative Assistant for Education & Speech Language Pathology

405-574-1328  Gary Hall, Room 106A.  Email
Thomas, Peter  Professor of Education/Science

405-574-1232  Austin Hall, Room 110B.  Email
Thrift, Layne  Assistant Professor of Art/Nesbitt Gallery Director

405-574-1374  Davis Hall, Room 113.  Email
Tracy, Molly  Admissions Counselor

405-574-1367  Troutt Hall, Room 225.  Email
Tran, Quan  Assistant Professor of Mathematics

405-574-1276  Austin Hall, Room 210B.  Email
Treviño, Monica  Vice President, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs

405-574-1357  Troutt Hall, Room 218.  Email
Turner, LD  HVAC Technician Apprentice

405-574-1227  Physical Plant, Room 100.  Email
Unruh, Phillip  Carpenter

405-574-1233  Physical Plant, Room 100.  Email
Vaughan, Callison  PBX Operator & Admin. Assist. for Info., Research & Network Services

405-224-3140  Austin Hall, Room 113.  Email
Vaughn, James  Assistant Professor of Psychology

405-574-1327  Davis Hall, Room 219A.  Email
Vinyard, Jordan  Assistant Professor of Art

405-574-1301  Davis Hall, Room 305.  Email
Vizarelis, Alexis  Assistant Men's Soccer Coach

405-574-1370  Physical Education Building, Room 115.  Email
Vliet, Marcia  Instructor of IDS & English Education (Alternative Certification)

405-574-1382  Davis Hall, Room 222b.  Email
Professionals Photo
Vollmar, Rob  Media Writer

405-574-1362  Troutt Hall, Room 103.  Email
Walker, Christopher  Associate Prof. of Psychology & Chair, Div. of Social Sciences & Business

405-574-1283  Davis Hall, Room 119A.  Email
Warden, Nancy  Professor of Mathematics/Education

405-574-1259  Austin Hall, Room 203.  Email
Warner, Tammy  General Manager for Sodexo Campus Services

405-574-1254  Student Center, Room Cafeteria.  Email
Weber, Stephen  Chair of the Division of Arts and Humanities and Professor of Music

405-574-1295  Davis Hall, Room 234.  Email
Wijkowski, Laura  Admistrative Assistant for Alumni Development

405-574-1290  Stevens Alumni House, Room n/a.  Email
Williams, Linda  Accounts Payable

405-574-1334  Troutt Hall, Room 220.  Email
Zoetewey, David  Assistant Professor of Chemistry

405-574-1313  Austin Hall, Room 110A.  Email
Zuchnik, Chelsea  Graduated Assistant, Softball

405-574-1261  Physical Education Building, Room 109.  Email