Upcoming Events

4:00pm Nov 04, 2014

The organizations/clubs on campus will put up a display in the oval and they must incorporate the homecoming theme and their club in the design/decoration of the display.

7:00pm Nov 04, 2014
Te Ata Auditorium

On Tuesday, Nov. 4, a hypnotist will put on a show for the campus.

6:00pm Nov 05, 2014

On Wednesday night from 6-8pm the Willy Wonka Scavenger Hunt will be held all around campus and there will be a prize for the winners.

USAO Hypatia Honor Society

12:00pm Nov 06, 2014

Hypatia Honor Society Initiation and Luncheon will be held Thursday, Nov. 6, at noon in the Student Center Ballroom. Sponsors for the society are Nancy Warden, Chairman; Nancy Hector, James Vaughn and Layne Thrift.

7:00pm Nov 06, 2014
Te Ata Auditorium

A talent show where students will perform different acts in order to gain points toward homecoming. Faculty and staff are welcome to attend and perform if desired.