Richard Tan

Professor of Computer Science
Austin Hall, Room 204
phone: 405-574-1252


Dr. Richard Tan has been a member of the faculty at USAO since 1980. He is a professor of computer science and teaches College Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Computer Organization and Programming Languages.

Before coming to USAO, Tan was an instructor, lecturer and graduate teaching assistant at the University of Oklahoma as well as a research assistant at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

His research interests are in formal mathematical languages, automata theory, artificial intelligence, hopf algebras, Brauer groups and algebraic groups.


  • Doctor of Mathematics, University of Oklahoma, 1980
  • Master of Mathematics, University of Oklahoma, 1973
  • Master of Computing Sciences, University of Oklahoma, 1980
  • Bachelor of Physics and Mathematics, Beloit College, 1971