Student Scholarships

Current Student Scholarships - $1,500,000 GOAL

As part of a plan developed jointly by USAO’s Financial Aid and Admissions teams, a new series of scholarships are set to attract several hundred new students to campus. The NOW Scholarship program will offer a $2,000 yearly scholarship to 100 new students for three years beginning with the 2013-2014 academic year. These scholarships will target students with high performance in the classroom, focusing on high school grade point averages. Without consideration of standardized test scores, this allows for a group otherwise ignored in many scholarship schemes to be rewarded for their excellent academic records. To date, campaign donors have funded the first two of the five-year scholarship plan.

Future Student Scholarships - $1,000,000 GOAL

Endowed scholarships will ensure a steady growth in scholarship funds for future students. Fundraising for this priority will focus on planned giving and estate gifts. To date, campaign donors have created or increased endowed scholarships.



“My parents and I decided that I should take financial responsibility for my own education so that I would take it seriously and focus on my students. Thanks to scholarships, I am mid-way through my bachelor's degree and remain debt-free."

- DEBORAH PARK, Business


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