Thank  you for competing! We have made every effort to relay this information accurately. Missing school names are the result of incorrect school code bubbling. Add your school name to claim your medal by contacting Dr. Darryel Reigh,

Math/Science Division
Algebra I
1st         James Tucker, Elmore City Pernell 
2nd        Shawnee Jones, Chickasha 
3rd         Zackry Ring, Pauls Valley 
4th         Pakata Poolaw, Mountain View Gotebo 
5th         Amanda Herndon, Wayne 
Algebra 2
1st         Levi Muller, Navajo HS 
2nd        Abigale White, Deer Creek 
3rd         Madison Graner, Newcastle 
4th         Sammie Hottel, Plainview 
5th         Alex Douglas, Southmoore 
Fourth Year Math
1st         Sooraj Boominathan, Deer Creek 
2nd        Zac Weaver, Plainview  
3rd         Rachel Merry, Deer Creek 
4th         Ronnie Nguyen, Southmoore  
5th         Corban Recknagel, Mustang  
Physical Science
1st         Lorne Greene, Navajo 
2nd        Payte Owen, Purcell 
3rd         James Cox, Purcell 
4th         McKenzie Cowlbeck, Plainview 
5th         Skyler Bastow, Duncan 
1st         Skyler Cornaby, Mustang 
2nd        Michael Bart, Ardmore 
3rd         Robert Davidson, Navajo 
4th         Christopher Roan, Ardmore 
5th         James Nguyen, Mustang 
Computer Science
1st         Jacob Jordan, Mustang 
2nd        David Trammell, Chickasha 
3rd         Chance Gordon, Minco 
4th         Yusuf Shurbaji, Plainview 
5th         Trevor Fisher, Marlow 
1st         Akshaya Santhanara, Deer Creek 
2nd        Sammie Hottle, Plainview 
3rd         Austin Clark, Amber Po 
4th         Tanny Phillips, Deer Creek 
5th         Dylan Lantis, Newcastle 
1st         Sooraji Boominathan, Deer Creek 
2nd        Zac Weaver, Plainview 
3rd         Brendan Barns, Chisholm 
4th         Skyler Cornaby, Mustang 
5th         Robert Davidson, Navajo 
Anatomy & Physiology   
1st         Sarah Anderson, Jones 
2nd        Justin Neal, Jones  
3rd         Levi Muller, Navajo 
4th         Vincent Tang, Deer Creek 
5th         Kendrick Davis, Waurika 
1st         Braydon Nichols, Verdan 
2nd        Jason Finley, Plainview 
3rd         Jesse Berry, Mustang
4th         Caden Cable, Lindsay 
5th         Colin Wanamaker, Chisholm 
Arts and Humanities Division
American Literature                     
1st         Clayton Salzman, Plainview 
2nd        Jacob Young, Deer Creek  
3rd         Erik Nickels, Newcastle 
4th         Tyler Gower, Newcastle 
5th         Katherine Santmyer, Paoli 
Art Talent
1st         Jose Hernandez, Pauls Valley HS 
2nd        Trevor Deuel, Mustang 
3rd         Tyler Ray, Elgin 
4th         Tarrey Parker, Plainview 
5th         Haeley State, Chisholm 
Music Fundamentals                   
1st         Dylan Shadoan, Elgin     
2nd        Iain Templeton, Elgin 
3rd         David Husted, Deer Creek 
4th         Jacob Miller, Bray Doyle 
5th         Jia Tu, Pauls Valley 
English Literature
1st         Tyler Hall, Marlow 
2nd        Jenna Morris, Lindsay 
3rd         Kaitlyn Dillard, Bridge Creek 
4th         Zackary Doughty, Chickasha 
5th         Samantha Birchall, Tecumseh 
Spanish I
1st         Leticia Almeida, Chickasha 
2nd        Clay Montgomery, Mustang 
3rd         Riley Williams, Chickasha 
4th         Kyla Bruegel, Plainview 
5th         Dylan Starchman, Lexington 
French I
1st         Emilee Romero, Mustang 
2nd        Kelly Knapp, Elgin 
3rd         Karla Alvardo, Duncan 
4th         Ellie Welborn, Duncan 
5th         Ashley Gregory, Tecumseh 
Drama Individual
1st         Ben Gaskins, Lexington 
2nd        Corey Orum, Cement 
3rd         Kimber Ward, Chickasha 
Drama Team
1st         Dallas Strong / Jodie Bare, Elgin      
2nd        Casey Buchanan / Jamie Mouncer, Lexington
3rd         Ausha Baker / Chris Cook, Millwood
Business and Social Sciences Division
1st         Casey Pattillo, Deer Creek 
2nd        Austin Clark, Union City 
3rd         Cody Ramos, Bridge Creek 
4th         Alicia Alvarado, Carnegie 
5th         Taylor Sullivan, Paoh 
Accounting I
1st         Karina Salazar  
2nd        Brittany Jones, Mustang 
3rd         Eric Lynch, Purcell 
4th         Danielle Hammons, Ft Cobb Broxton 
5th         Chace McCaskill, Elmore City Pemell 
Business Math
1st         Riley Baird, Plainview
2nd        Brendan Barns, Chisholm
3rd         Shawnee Jones, Chickasha
4th         Levi Pierce, Ft Cobb Broxton
5th         Tyson Chris, Chisholm
World History
1st         James Nguyen, Mustang 
2nd        Andrew Rieper, Elgin 
3rd         Brody Barton, Duncan 
4th         Jacob Guinar, Navajo  
5th         Curry Coleman, Sterling 
1st         Lisa Patel, Mustang 
2nd        Nicholas Carpenter, Deer Creek 
3rd         Riley Baird, Plainview 
4th         Tristen Larisey, Lindsay 
5th         Kelsie Andrade, Bridge Creek 
1st         Vincent Tang, Deer Creek 
2nd        Katherine McKinney, Deer Creek 
3rd         Seth Anderson, Harrah 
4th         Lisa Patel, Mustang 
5th         Bailey Vasquez, Bridge Creek 
1st         Nicole Groves, Mustang 
2nd        Jacob Jordan, Mustang 
3rd         Cheyenne Pierce, Ft Cobb Broxton 
4th         Austin Sadler, Elgin 
5th         Cy Simpson, Bridge Creek 
Oklahoma History
1st         Katherine Avery, Deer Creek 
2nd        Emma Berry, Purcell 
3rd         Alex Varner, Bridge Creek 
4th         Kamryn Akers, Pauls Valley 
5th         Sydney Cannon, Newcastle 
American History
1st         Katherine McKinney, Deer Creek 
2nd        Stephen Dyer, Deer Creek 
3rd         Joshua Ridgway, Wayne 
4th         James Nguyen, Mustang 
5th         Mitchel McCormick, Ardmore 
School Winners
1st         Deer Creek  
2nd        Mustang 
3rd         Painview 
Small School Honorable Mention: Navajo