Drover Proud

Pam Foster

My time at USAO introduced me to cultures, backgrounds and personalities that I had not been exposed to before. It has challenged my comfort level in a positive way.

Jonathon Fowler

USAO gave me a diverse education in not only the arts, but in other subjects such as world history and computer science.

Angela Gimlin

The curriculum was unconventional, which led me to look and think outside the box. That view has helped me throughout my career path.

Tracy Goyne

Many of the outstanding USAO professors I had the opportunity to study under were instrumental in my development as an educator.

Shane Hagan/ Business Administration 2013

USAO provides an excellent education through passionate teaching and developing critical thinking that transcends a single subject … I believe my success at work can be attributed largely to the...

Vincent Hazleton

It is little wonder that 'Butch' went on to a magnificent career as a professor and writer. We are honored to claim Dr. Hazleton as one of ours.”  Dr. Dex Marble, VP Academic Affairs

Heather Heck / Art

I’m a creative person and the arts have always been appealing to me and when it came to choosing a college, I knew liberal arts was the way I wanted to go. 

Amber Heilman

I felt like I was ready when I left college; I could handle myself out in the world. Because of USAO, I had done what I wanted to do.

Stephanie Huber/ Business

After evaluating my options, my wise parents highly recommended I choose USAO. They saw that USAO created a safe environment for its students. I never regretted my decision.

Kyle Hunt / Sociology

It's a big adjustment moving here from Queens, New York, but I've met some great people and faculty members. What brought me here was a scholarship, but I've found a small campus and friendly...

Allison Hurst, psychology alumna, smiles in the shade of a tree.

Allison Hurst

My college experience with USAO gave me a greater sense of purpose, which allowed me to be a more productive and confident person in my career and personal life.

Chris Jeffries / Math and Business

USAO is a college where no individual is limited to what he or she can do. If a person in a science major they can still sing in the choir and a business major can still star in a drama production.

Galela Kirkland

I transferred to USAO because of its great biology program and its home-like campus that is filled with friendly, helpful and unique faculty and students.   

Anthony Klipp / Natural Science

College is the time of your life where you discover who you are; USAO has been essential in helping me make that discovery.

Dave Kunitz / Physical Education and Natural Science

Both USAO and Chickasha were instrumental in my decision to continue my studies after my athletic eligibility expired. Chickasha will always hold a special place in my life, and I'm grateful to have...

Marcy LaFerr / American Indian Studies

USAO isn't a cookie cutter college. You learn to think differently and approach obstacles positively.

Angus Lamar

USAO was close to home and I felt more comfortable there than I did anywhere else.

Lonnie Iannazzo/ Communication / Alumni / Post Production Coordinator

USAO offered me something that some of the major universities in Oklahoma couldn’t offer, which was small class size, easy access to professors and a small but friendly campus community. I would...

Dr. Jennifer Long

Our core curriculum remains as innovative today as when it was created half a century ago. The team teaching model compels students to integrate knowledge from across academic fields while wrestling...

Albert Loveless/ Art / Alumni / Graphic Designer

I would not trade my experience at USAO for anything. If you are a potential student and trying to decide on whether or not to becoming a USAO Drover, my advice is to just jump in and give it a go.