Phil Pryor

USAO is a small yet great unit, everyone is nice and you get to meet so many different amazing people. This, with the good teaching and small classes, really completes USAO.

Preston Vasquez / Pre-Medicine

USAO’s scholarships allow me, and others, to achieve great success through great education.  

Rachel Sears / Pre-Medicine

USAO professors not only teach, they uplift and motivate their students to reach their potential.

Shane Hagan / Business

Attending USAO means I get a first rate education without a load of debt when I'm done!

Shannyn Spaulding

The people at USAO are great! I enjoy going to class and learning something new in a supportive environment.

Shelley Rees / USAO English Professor

Professors at USAO celebrate the limitless potential of the liberal arts mission. The intimacy of the small class sizes and the freedom to employ diverse teaching styles and strategies allow...

Wendy Chambers / Fine Arts

Don't just major in something, be it. If you're an education major, be an educator, if you're a math major, be a mathematician, if you're an art major, be an artist and so on and so forth.