2006 Oklahoma Psychological Society (OPS) Research Conference

Oklahoma Psychological Society Spring Research Conference

April 21, 2006

Edmond, Oklahoma:


The Group (from left: Tria Gaines, Regina Hatcher, Lisa England, Mandy Gibson, Annie Keeler, Jessica Chiles, Christina Terry)



Tria Gaines
Project Title: Examining the Relationship Between Music Preference and Personality


Regina Hatcher
Project Title: Does Dispositional Hope Mediate the Acceptance of Civil Liberties Restrictions?


Jessica Chiles
Project Title: The Relationship Between Social Status and the Adoption of Learning Goals



Christina Terry
Project Title: The Relationship Between Self-Esteem and the Adoption of Social Goals


(left) Mandy Gibson

 Project Title: The Relationship Between Student Perception of Belonging and Academic Behavior


(right) Annie Keeler

 Project Title: The Relationship Between Social Relationship Goals and Family Structure



Lisa England
Project Title: Measuring Positive Attitudes Toward Internet Chat Rooms