2009 Oklahoma Psychological Society (OPS) Research Conference

27th Annual Oklahoma Psychological Society (OPS) Spring Conference - April 17th, 2009

Edmond Oklahoma:

The Group (from left): Melody Dobbins, Shireen Abbaszadeh, Cori Marsala-Quintero, Tara Zindel, Elizabeth Brakefield, Katie Goldsmith, Veronica Miller, Ashley Hyde

Shireen AbbaszadehProject Title: The Relationship between Personality Traits and Perception of Gender


Tara Zindel

Project Title: Gender Inequalities and Stereotyping 


Elizabeth Brakefield

Project Title: The Relationship between Personality, Parent-Child Relationships, and Eating-Disordered Behaviors and Attitudes


Katie Goldsmith

Project Title: What is the Relationship between Parent-Child Interaction and Young Adult Personality?


Veronica Miller

Project Title: The Relationship between Role Conflict/Role Ambiguity and the Need for Achievement, Affiliation and  Power


Ashley Hyde

Project Title: The GIFT: A Psychometric Investigation of a New Measure of Forgiveness

2nd Place in the Undergraduate Award Competition


Cori Marsala-Quintero

Project Title: Balancing between Social Goals, Academic Goals and Relationships in a College Sample