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Economics is a multidisciplinary socal science -- we use history, political science, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, sociology and even literature to understand economic processes.

Most people think economics is a very difficult major, so people will think you’re much smarter than they are.

Economists fight a lot! There are many different types of economists who view the world very differently and strongly disagree on many things, such as the causes of poverty and inequality, why women earn less than men and whether globalization is good or bad.

Economists understand what really caused the Great Depression, why our money has value, the differences among capitalism, socialism and communism and why government debt can be good.

You’ll learn how to think analytically, thoroughly and rigorously.

Economics majors get good jobs in businesses, government agencies (the CIA employs a lot of economists!), education, banking and finance and are accepted to law schools and graduate schools in huge numbers.

Mick Jagger, John Elway, Sandra Day O'Conner, Tiger Woods, Cate Blanchett, Ronald Reagan, Paul Newman and Arnold Schwarzenegger all majored in Economics. Where else will you find a group like that?

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