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Chemistry deals with the study of matter and its interactions. It is a science that is considered the foundation of many other sciences. Chemists study atoms, molecules and the properties of compound substances. They study how they are structured, how they function and how they change energy when combined with other substances. Chemists conduct research in laboratories that has led to advances in food processing, agriculture and medicine.

The chemistry major at USAO receives theoretical instruction and laboratory experiences in each of the major disciplines of chemistry.

The laboratory experience covers standard bench chemistry and instrumental methods using the computerized instrumentation found in the industrial laboratory.

Students are prepared for careers in a broad range of chemical enterprises or for further study in graduate school. Students in chemistry find they are prepared for many vocations including work in chemistry,  biochemistry, geochemistry, chemical engineering or medicine. They find their broad training useful in other fields such as teaching, business management, law, environmental consulting and government.

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Career Possibilities

Biochemist, Chemical Engineer, Chemist, Consumer Protection Specialist, Criminalist, Educator, Environmental Chemist, Materials Scientist, Nuclear Scientist, Patent Examiner, Researcher, Risk Manager, Soil Scientist, and Toxicologist