I chose history as a degree because I want to teach. USAO gives me access to highly-qualified historians at a cost that won’t leave me shackled with debt as I start my career.  -Isaac Treadaway/Norman, OK

Historians interpret human experiences, achievements and shortcomings. An understanding of the past is essential for the truly liberal education.

Without careful study of history, the lessons of the past are lost. History offers an ordered account of past experiences and their significance in our present lives.

The past affects and shapes our lives. Its study connects diverse people together and provides a measure by which our actions, ideas, goals and conduct can be evaluated.

The awareness and incorporation of history into our daily lives fosters personal growth, professional competence and civic responsibility.

History encompasses the growth of political organizations; the development of economic, social, and religious institutions; and the course of literary, cultural and intellectual movements.

Specialization in history illuminates the origins of our present world and prepares the student with research, writing and analytical skills. A degree in history opens avenues to careers in business, government and teaching, as well as to graduate and professional schools.

Besides the baccalaureate in history, history courses are an integral part of the program leading to a teaching certificate in social studies.

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