The sociology program is very small and close knit.  All of the sociology majors tend to take the same classes at the same time, so we are all very comfortable with each other; even in our differences we understand each other.  -Brittney DeWitt/Tuttle, OK

Sociology is the scientific study of human society and patterns of social behavior. It is concerned with social structures and processes, including groups, organizations, societies, institutions, social-cultural change, socialization, social interaction and social relationships.

Sociology provides a foundation for further professional training in applied areas of social work, law, criminal justice and gerontology, or graduate study in sociology toward careers in teaching and research.

Someone with a bachelor of arts in sociology, in conjunction with the richness of a liberal arts education, is well prepared for a variety of career opportunities in business, industry, government and social agencies.

Sociology majors find jobs in social service agencies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and correctional institutions. They also find jobs in business and industry in market research, public relations, customer service, management, advertising, human resources and sales.

While many sociology graduates work in a related occupation and obtain an advanced degree, others choose another direction. This major provides a broad base of knowledge for many different career paths.

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