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In the psychology program at USAO, we employ a diverse range of methodologies in our pursuit of a better understanding of human thought and behavior. While practicality demands that a particular study should focus on particular variables, we realize that real behaviors result from a complex web of interacting influences.

Studies of physiological, developmental, social, personality, cognitive, abnormal and cross-cultural psychology all contribute to our overall understanding. As such, we emphasize an interdisciplinary approach, exposing our students to a wide variety of topic areas.

Course offerings in psychology are designed to meet the needs of students who plan to earn a bachelor of science degree with a major or minor in psychology. They include courses covering many of the areas of specific interest to psychologists, such as personality and human development, as well as more general subjects such as research methods and the history of psychology.

The curriculum is suited to those who wish to pursue an advanced degree as well as those who wish to work in social services, business or any other field for which psychology is a relevant discipline.

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Career Possibilities

Admissions/Financial Aid Child/Youth/Elder Care, Community Services, Consulting Services, Court/Juvenile Services, Customer Services, Educational Services, Educator, Employee Relations, Human Resources, Social Services, and Substance Abuse Services