Minerva Membership

Minvera Membership Level Established in Alumni Association

Alumni now have a new level of membership in their Association as well as another way to support the mission of the Association and the school – the Minerva membership.

“Minerva membership is a new way to show your support for the programs and operation of the Alumni Association,” said Eric Feuerborn, executive director. “These memberships will benefit the University and the students of USAO for many years to come.”

Minerva membership dues will be invested in a fund to provide support for student programs that include guest alumni speakers, student leadership programs, student activities, a student internship, graduation gifts and many new programs in the future. The dues also will be used to pay for the daily operating expenses of the Association.

For existing lifetime members, the Minerva membership is a one-time payment of $1,000 or two annual consecutive payments of $500. “It doesn’t matter what you paid for your lifetime membership, the move to the Minerva membership is $1,000,” Feuerborn said. For alumni who are not already life members, the Minerva membership is $1,500 and can be paid in three annual consecutive payments of $500.

“This doesn’t replace lifetime membership. If you have a lifetime membership, you have it forever. This is just another level with additional benefits – although we know that for most Minerva members, the benefit is the support they provide.” Minerva membership includes all the benefits of life and annual members plus:

Membership Pin – Minerva members will receive a free USAO Alumni Association membership pin with a Minerva designation.

Discount Registration to Alumni Events – Minerva members pay half price at all on-campus alumni events including Alumni Homecoming and other reunions.

Alumni House Lodging – Minerva members can stay for three nights (together or separate) for free each year (July 1-June 30) in the Stevens Alumni House. The three free nights must be used during the year – no rollovers.

Minerva Plaque – Minerva members will be listed on a plaque in the Stevens Alumni House.

Special recognition at Alumni Events – Minerva members will receive special recognition at alumni events.

Although this new level of membership doesn’t officially begin until July 1, alums can purchase Minerva Memberships online. For more information, contact the alumni office at 405-574-1290 or usaoalumnioffice@usao.edu.