Alumni Carts

Your Help Needed to Name Alumni Carts

In its ongoing efforts to support the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, the USAO Alumni Association recently purchased two golf carts that will be available for check-out by university staff, faculty and administration this fall. Before that time, the Association needs help in identifying the carts.

“We could just number the carts, but that seems somewhat ordinary for an extraordinary place like USAO, so we want the name the carts,” said Eric Feuerborn, director of Alumni Development at USAO. “To help us, we are asking for name suggestions. Once we have several options, we will open it for voting.”

The Association is seeking name suggestions until June 30. After all the suggestions are in, people will be encouraged to vote online. “The carts already have their own personalities. One is slow and steady while the other is fast and a little dangerous,” Feuerborn said. “Yes, we reserve the right to not include all the suggestions to help curve some of the more ‘creative’ options.”

Some of the suggested names so far include Rommel (campus dog in the early 1970s), Addison (the current library cat), Dionysus (the current Art Annex cat), Minerva, Hypatia, Zeus, Apollo, Dusty and Dan.

Suggestions can be posted to alumni social media, emailed to or sent by text to 405-418-6252 before June 30.