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Adeel Siddiqui is a 2003 graduate of USAO who came to work at the college immediately after his graduation.

Adeel is a part of the Office of Information, Research and Network Services at USAO. The team is responsible for administrative computer services, academic computer services, institutional research, telephone system maintenance/support and general IT-related help desk support.

Adeel started out as a student technician in the IT department at USAO, and then got a full-time position as computer technician after graduating. Adeel got promoted to Network Specialist in 2005, and subsequently his title was changed to Network Administrator in 2009.

During his time as a USAO employee, Adeel has also taught classes at USAO as an adjunct faculty member. He also periodically holds professional development sessions at USAO where he trains USAO employees to use the various elements of technology at USAO.


December 2003
Bachelor's Degree
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
(Minor in Mathematics)
University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma



  • network services - infrastructure installation, maintenance, administration & troubleshooting (including but not limited to: resolving fiber-optic, ethernet, & wireless connectivity issues);
  • telephone services - installation, support and repair;
  • fiber-optic services - deployment, support, management.


  • software installation and maintenance;
  • hardware installation and maintenance;
  • general technical support;
  • computer repair.

Also involved in effective management of financial resources, employee/project supervision, and R&D for technological initiatives at USAO.

Extensive experience with:

  • Extreme Networks ® switches/routers;
  • Fortinet ® (Fortigate ®) firewall appliance;
  • Inter-Tel/Mitel ® digital and analog PBX/telephone system;
  • Impulse SafeConnect ® NAC (Network Access Control) appliance;
  • Microsoft Hyper-V ® server virtualization;
  • Layer 2/3 network implementation;
  • Operating systems: Windows 2000/2003/2008 server, XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X, Linux;
  • TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, NAT, Active Directory, LDAP, enterprise-level SSL-VPN implementation, NAC implementation;
  • Copper/ethernet, wireless and fiber-optic networks (inclusive of hardware implementation/management/administration);
  • Audio/Video hardware deployment/management (including but not limited to: LCD projectors, SmartBoard interactive media, H.323 video-conferencing, digital signage, and video-surveillance systems);

Certified Fiber Optic Technician with The Fiber Optic Association, Inc. (2005)

Currently working on obtaining Apple Tech, and MCSE certifications.

Click on a the following links to see some of Adeel's network wiring cleanup jobs (before and after pictures) at USAO:

English & Urdu (written and spoken), Hindi (spoken), Arabic (written).


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