August 2010

Drovers score 5, lightning ends game early

CHICKASHA – The Drover men were well on their way to a victory when excessive lightning ended Tuesday’s game early.

Feature Keys

General Feature Codes Commonly Used
Feature codes listed always require the  ∞ (infinity key) first, then the code:

 Background Music (when available) On/Off  7313

Programming Your Speed-Dial Keys

Programming Your Office Phone's Speed-Dial Keys

Looking at your telephone set, you will typically see keys for Call 1, Call 2, Pickup, Conference, etc.  These keys are not user-programmable. 

However, the other keys to the right are, (but may have been previously programmed already).

To return all speed-dial keys to their original default values:
 - With the handset in the cradle, dial  7395.

Reference Guide for Digital Telephone Usage

Placing an intercom (on-campus) Call
With or without the handset lifted, dial an extension number. 

Checking your voicemail from off-campus

Quick Reference Guide for Digital Telephone Usage

USAO’s phone system lets you check your office messages from anywhere on campus OR from off-campus, whether you’re in your office, at your house, in another town, city, on vacation in the Bahamas, etc

Here’s how: