October 2010

Earsom, Eugene 2010

USAO supporter and long-time advocate of social studies education Eugene Earsom is a 1970 graduate of the Oklahoma College of Liberal Arts.

Benton, Barbara 2010

Barbara Sue Benton has presented the Lord’s Prayer in Native American sign language in every state and 11 foreign countries.

Anderson, Ron 2010

Dr. Ron Anderson began his career caring for many patients each day.

Political Science Courses

Political Science Required and Elective Courses at USAO:

Required Courses (6 Hours):

PSCI 2133 Comparative Government

PSCI 2343 American Government

Political Science

The Political Science Major at USAO

American Indian Studies Faculty

Lee Hester, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Indian Studies

The Oklahoma School for Native American Art (OSNAA)

Despite Oklahoma having the largest most diverse Native America population in the United States, many of those interested in becoming artists and who wish to study in a formal academic setting presently leave the state to pursue their aspirations elsewhere. There is a strong desire to stem this exodus by offering academic opportunities that will meet the needs of Native Americans at home.

Meredith Indigenous Humanities Center (MIHC)

The Meredith Indigenous Humanities Center (MIHC)will facilitate the planning and development of interdisciplinary, multicultural approaches to the humanities using American Indian, Aleut, and Inuit languages in addition to English and Spanish.

Realizing Great Expectations PHASE I

The American Indian Arts and Humanities Project