December 2010


The USAO drama program requires that students complete all required courses (21 hours) and one area of concentration: Performance Concentration (27 hours), Technical Theatre Concentration (27 hours), or Music Theatre Concentration (27 hours).


Communication, by its very nature, is interdisciplinary, requiring a broad understanding of human behavior; an awareness of the vast diversity, as well as the strong similarities, among humans and human cultures; the global nature of how humans are connected to each other; and the critical need to communicate accurately and ethically.

Business Administration

USAO’s bachelor of science degree in Business Administration combines the practical procedure of the discipline with the people-oriented aspect of the liberal arts. Business students here find an emphasis on such areas as effective evaluation of factual information, working efficiently with others, the promotion of moral and ethical values within the business community, and sound and creative decision making.



Course Listings in Accounting



Interdisciplinary Core Curriculum


All universities have a general education core. Most require students to select from a cafeteria plan of lower division

courses from various disciplines. USAO is distinctive in offering an interdisciplinary, liberal arts core that spans all four

Independent Study

The Independent Study period in late April and May offers USAO students a unique chance to take part in exciting, unconventional educational experiences. Independent Study classes emphasize innovative educational approaches and individual learning. Past course choices have included educational trips to Paris, New York, Great Britain, Italy, and the Yucatan.

Teacher Certification

USAO offers 12 programs in teacher certification, including art, physical education (PHED), language arts, math, music (vocal and/or instrume science, social studies, elementary, early childhood, and deaf education. Major requirements for a teaching certificate in these areas can be found on the respective program's checklist and in the Teacher Education Handbook.