December 2010

Tutorial Scholars Program

Description of the Program


Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts degree will be conferred on students who have completed the prescribed course of study with a major elected from the following: American Indian studies, art, communication, drama, English, economics, history, music, political science, and sociology.

Student Grade Appeal Policy/Procedure

Whenever a student has a concern that a course grade issued by the instructor was incorrect, such student shall have the right to appeal.


Grievance Procedures

The following procedures have been established for processing student grievances against the University or a member of the University community, other than a student or student group. Student grievances against other students or groups of students are resolved through procedures established by the Student Government Association.

Academic Code of Conduct

Section I: Definitions of Academic Dishonesty

A. Plagiarism

Estimated Cost of Attendance


2010-11 Academic Year

Trimester Estimate

12 Hrs. 15 Hrs.

Financial Assistance

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Admissions Policies

Admission to, retention in, transfer among, and graduation from colleges and universities in the State System of Higher Education

Regular Admission Requirements
Any student who is a graduate of an accredited high school or has achieved a high school equivalency certificate based on the General Education Development (GED) tests, and has met curricular requirements and performance criteria listed below is eligible to enroll at USAO.

Student Services

Student Services staff members at USAO are dedicated to helping students accomplish academic and personal goals. USAO recognizes that students are individuals who may need assistance in clarifying or establishing goals as well as help in eliminating the barriers that may hinder their academic progress.  Student Services is constantly evolving to complement our academic progr