August 2012

Dr. Martha Shackleford Scholarship

The Martha Shackleford Scholarship is presented to a junior or senior in the field of biological sciences. Criteria considered includes grades, attitude and originality.

Dr. Shackleford served on the faculty of the Oklahoma College for Women and the Oklahoma College of Liberal Arts from 1927-1971. She served as a professor of biology and chairman of the Science Department.

Ina Edmondson Schowengerdt Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Ina so that other students with financial difficulties can realize the dream of going to college.

Ina graduated in 1948 with a degree in English. She was able to attend OCW thanks to a Phillips Oil Company scholarship.

Cecil and Norma Lea Drake Sanderson Scholarship

The Cecil and Norma Lea Drake Sanderson Scholarship was established to honor their alma mater. It is awarded to students based on financial need.

Norma Lea Drake Sanderson graduated from OCW in 1953. Her husband Cecil was from Chickasha and was among the first class of male day students allowed to attend OCW.

Betty Sanders Scholarship

The Betty Sanders Scholarship is awarded to someone struggling financially to receive an education.

Mary Russell Scholarship

The Mary Russell Scholarship was established by home economics students, teachers and friends and was originally awarded to a home economics student. Since there is no longer a home economics program, the scholarship is award to a USAO student on the basis of need.

Joan Hughes Rawlings Scholarship

The Joan Hughes Rawlings Scholarship was established by Dr. Virginia Wenger and is to assist an aspiring young student wanting to receive a college education at USAO and needing financial assistance.

Kathryn Lois Quattlebaum Scholarship

The Kathryn Lois Quattlebaum Scholarship was established by her classmates and will provide help to a young woman who might not otherwise be afforded the opportunity of a quality education.

Lauraleene Baxter Price Scholarship

The Lauraleene Baxter Price Scholarship was established by Lauraleene for students who struggle financially to attend college. Eligible students include anyone who can demonstrate financial need, while preference is given to science majors.

Oliver Bennett Powers Scholarship

Oliver Bennett Powers graduated from the Oklahoma College of Liberal Arts in 1974 with a degree in music performance. The bass was his musical instrument. This scholarship honors Powers and is award to music education majors needing financial assistance.

Marguerite Martin Pinkston Scholarship

The Marguerite Martin Pinkston Scholarship was established by her daughter JoAnn Pinkston Gedosh to continue her mother’s desire to help people get a start towards a better life. The scholarship is given to a second year student.