August 2012


Grievances should go through appropriate channels. If administrative solutions fail, the faculty member may file a grievance with the Faculty Grievance Committee.

Committee Composition

Outside Employment

Employment by the University must be regarded as a full-time profession which demands the full interests and energies of the personnel employed. Thus, the institution is committed to the policy that all members of the teaching staff are on duty or are available for duty at all times during regular University workdays and periods of special activities: in the classroom, in the library, in their offices, in committee meetings, or involved in other University-related activities.

Class Size and Faculty Load

The Division Chair and faculty of the division must insure that the proper courses are being offered. Small classes (fewer than 10 students) shall be reviewed each term and, if necessary for reasons of economy, canceled.

Termination of Appointment by the Faculty Member

A faculty member who elects to terminate appointment at the end of the current contract year is obligated to give notice in writing at the earliest possible opportunity, but not later than 15 days after receiving notification of the terms of appointment for the coming year. 


Abrogation of Tenure or Termination of Current Appointment

Abrogation of tenure or termination of contract proceedings can occur at any time.

Academic Tenure

The “1940 Statement of Principles,” which is widely cited as the basis for academic tenure, reads as follows:

Academic Freedom and Responsibility

Academic freedom and responsibility are the liberty and obligation to study, investigate, present, interpret, and discuss facts and ideas concerning all branches and fields of learning. A University faculty member is an individual with citizens' rights who enjoys full constitutional freedom, as a member of a learned profession, and as a representative of an educational institution. Faculty members may speak or write on any subject of interest.

Student Grade Appeal Policy and Procedure


If a student believes that a course grade issued by the instructor was incorrect, such student will have the right to appeal.

Academic Rank and Promotion Requirements and Criteria for Rank

The following criteria apply for rank.

A. Professor

Faculty Evaluation

Faculty performance is subject to regular and systematic evaluation. The process of faculty evaluation should include self-evaluation, assessment by Division Chairs and the Vice President for Academic Affairs as well as peer evaluations and student evaluations. All full- time faculty, tenured and non-tenured, are subject to faculty evaluation.