August 2012

Appendix F - Template for Annual Report University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

The following is a template for the Annual Report revised on December 12, 2011,that is available in digital form for faculty convenience. This template is consistent with Faculty Responsibilities and Ethics.


Appendix D - Faculty Association Bylaws University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

Election of Officers

A. Nominationandelectionofcandidatesforoffices.

Appendix C - Faculty Association Constitution University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

We, the faculty of the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, in order to provide for a faculty organization and to make it an effective, integral part of the University, do adopt this Constitution.

Student Outcomes

Pursuant to the 1965 directive, the 1993 articulation, and OSRHE’s goals expressed in the 2005 Mission Enhancement Plan, graduates of USAO are expected:

  • ·  To act creatively and passionately in both professional and personal endeavors.


The history of the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (USAO) influences the current philosophy and purposes of the institution.

The first Oklahoma Legislature established the College in 1908 as the Industrial Institute and College for Girls. The first session at the College began in September, 1909, and the first degrees were conferred in 1915. The first building, which is now Troutt Hall, was completed in 1913.

Isaac and Mary Good Scholarship

Five scholarships have been established with the USAO Alumni Association to honor members of the Good family by Yoshie Good of Chickasha. The Goods were early residents of Chickasha where they have served as civic, art and church leaders for more than a century.