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The USAO mathematics program is designed to meet the needs and interests of the general student, provide the mathematics background required by students in the physical and behavioral sciences, and develop the maturity and competence required by the student preparing for a teaching and/or research career in mathematics.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Required Math Core (39 hours):

In the Saddle — Bryan Byars

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CHICKASHA – With several starters having graduated, no one was quite sure how the 2012 men’s soccer team at USAO would begin this season.

“We’re a young team, so it’s been a real good start for us,” Byars said of the first three games. “The concerns are still there. But we’ve had some boys step up into positions, so it’s not as bad as it was at the very, very beginning.”

The Drovers had to compete against two highly-ranked teams as the first two games of the season, beating both 2-1.

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Computer Science

USAO offers a minor in computer science. Taking CSCI 1143, Introduction to Computer Science is one way in which a student may satisfy the requirement by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education of demonstrating computer proficiency.  Computer science courses provide support for a number of major programs at USAO.

Most of USAO’s computer science coursework is taught in a dedicated computer lab which has the latest, state-of-the-art facilities. These high-speed microcomputers are networked together and with the internet.


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Chemistry deals with the study of matter and its interactions. The chemistry major at USAO receives theoretical instruction and laboratory experiences in each of the major disciplines of chemistry. The laboratory experience covers standard bench chemistry and instrumental methods using the computerized instrumentation found in the industrial laboratory. 

Students are prepared for careers in a broad range of chemical enterprises or for further study in graduate school.



USAO's biology curriculum provides the student with both an introduction to and a competency in the study of living organisms and encourages the student to develop the skills of independent and critical thought. It also seeks to provide a flexible program to meet the needs of students wishing to enter any of the numerous careers open to them as biology majors. A student may pursue the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in biology. A minor in biology is also available.

Bachelor of Science in Biology

Total hours required:  76-77.