September 2012

American Indian Studies

The American Indian Studies program provides knowledge of the traditions and history of the first Americans and an understanding of the unique relationship of the government of the United States to the tribes and individual American Indians. Its curriculum has shifted to accommodate changing contemporary requirements of students. Greater emphasis has been placed on understanding the sovereignty of American Indian Nations and how it affects tribal governments and relationships with various local, state and federal government agencies.

Division of Social Sciences and Business


The social sciences at USAO are organized in interdisciplinary fashion and encompass a number of diverse areas to include several fields traditionally considered part of the humanities: American Indian Studies, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology. Study in these areas connects the past with the present, investigates the links between individual and social behavior, and explores a wide array of human value systems from the distant past to the modern era.

Philosophy and Religion

A minor in Philosophy and Religious Studies will prepare students for further graduate study in philosophy and religious studies or fields traditionally related to philosophy, such as law and other fields in the humanities.

Minor in Philosophy and Religious Studies

18 hours, must choose at least one “topical course”, one “historical course”, and one upper division (junior or senior level) course.

PRLG 1103   Logic

PRLG 1233   Sign, Symbol, Myth

Hitting the ground running

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CHICKASHA – The Drovers are ready to hit the ground running — literally — as USAO welcomes back cross country, debuting Sept. 8.

In its first year, head coach Leandra Johnson said she expects her teams to continue to work hard all throughout the season. She collected a team of six women and five men.

Drovers break into Top 5

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CHICKASHA – For the first time in school history, the Drover men’s soccer team broke into the NAIA Top 5, sitting at third in the nation in the most recent NAIA Poll.

“It shows a great amount of respect and recognition for what our program has been able to do the last couple of years, combined with a few big wins this year,” Head Coach Jimmy Hampton said. “We’re honored people think we are headed to new heights.”


The music curriculum at USAO provides many opportunities for both music and non-music majors. All students of the University are eligible to participate in Concert Choir, Concert Band, USAO Show Band, USAO Key Players, USAO Vocal Jazz Ensemble, and Opera Scenes.

The following courses in music qualify for Artistic Expression credit: MUSC 1021 (Class Voice), MUSC 1031 (Class Piano), MUSC 1102 (Music Fundamentals), MUSC 1202 (The Enjoyment of Music), and Applied Studio Instruction.


The English program at USAO is designed to offer students a broad base of knowledge in literature, composition, creative writing, and foreign languages. Emphasis is upon the power of words and their best use. English majors may choose from several concentrations, and their experience is further augmented by the opportunity to learn special tutorial skills in the Academic Writing Center and participate in individually designed practicum’s. Graduates are well prepared for immediate careers in a variety of areas such as public school teaching, publishing and editing, and business writing.


The USAO Drama program is an interdisciplinary program in theatre arts that requires each student to complete a survey of Core Courses (27 credit hours) in dramatic literature, theatre history, performance study, and technical theatre practice.

Students are encouraged to explore contemporary applications of theatre arts training and must develop an Emphasis (minimum of 21 credit hours) by collaboration with their academic advisor. Courses for the Emphasis must be approved by the academic advisor and may be drawn from program electives and courses from other programs.