January 2013

Wendy Chambers

"Don't just major in something, be it. If you're an education major, be an educator, if you're a math major, be a mathematician, if you're an art major, be an artist and so on and so forth."


Wendy Chambers
from Wayne, Oklahoma pursuing a BFA with a concentration in painting

Shelley Rees

"Professors at USAO celebrate the limitless potential of the liberal arts mission. The intimacy of the small class sizes and the freedom to employ diverse teaching styles and strategies allow professors and students to enjoy a spectrum of intellectual experiences unrivaled even by large universities."

Dr. Shelley Rees
English Professor

Shane Hagan

“Attending USAO means I get a firstrate education without a load of debt when I'm done!”

Shane Hagan
Business ’14

Rachael Sears

“USAO professors not only teach, they uplift and motivate their students to reach their potential.”

Rachel Sears
Pre-Med ’13

Preston Vasquez

 “USAO’s scholarships allow me, and others, to achieve great success through great education.”

Preston Vasquez
pre-med ’14

Phil Pryor

"I’m from High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, England. I came originally for the soccer, but when I saw the place, the
campus was great and all the people were really nice. The atmosphere is homey and everyone makes you feel welcome."

Phil Pryor
Physical Education major from England

Paige Pulliam

"On my visit to check out the basketball team I heard nothing but great comments about USAO's biology department success rates. Because I wanted to be a physical therapist, USAO became my #1 option for college. Now that I'm here, I recommend the biology department all the more if you want to be prepared for med school. It takes hard work and many hours outside the classroom studying, but if you have a passion for studying life science and are willing to work hard to earn your college degree, then USAO's biology department is where you need to be."

Paige Pulliam
biology major

Megan Duggins

"The Deaf Education program has really elevated my thinking in regards to teaching. I feel like I will leave with a lot of tools for my 'mental toolbox.' I really enjoy my studies and I know I made the right choice to become a teacher."

Meghan Duggins
deaf education major from Kansas City, MO

Matt Watson

"There is no other university in this area of the U.S. that suits my needs and desires as a student and as an individual. The transfer process from a community college to USAO was easy, and I felt supported by the faculty & staff on campus during the transition.

I highly recommend USAO to any student. You can’t find this kind of high-quality education at such an affordable price anywhere else in the United States."

USAO Ambassador 2011-2012
economics major 2012

Lyssa Snow

"USAO is like Hogwarts. The campus is magical, the students are diverse, and USAO is always there to welcome you home.