April 2013

Final Exam

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Directions: Choose one question from each group (I, II, III, IV). Each response should be between 375-500 words (one and a half to two pages, typed, double spaced).  Each essay should be organized around a thesis statement, and the supoprting argument should be as specific as possible, citing readings as needed.  

Exams are due in class during the scheduled final time, Thursday, April 18th at 2pm.

Group I

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Important Documents

Bill Template - This template gives you the basic structure of a bill to be presented to the Senate. Bills can be used to spend monies, set internal policies, or can act as SGA 'laws,' so to speak. 

Supreme Court

Justice - Erica Driskill

Justice - Maite Miller

Justice - Steven Farr

Justice - Bethany Larson

Justice - Sara Gibbs

Executive Orders

To be added as needed.

Drovers go Pink this weekend

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Pink Logo

CHICKASHA – Both Drover baseball and softball programs have teamed up with USAO’s Drovers Against Cancer to host the annual Pink Out Cancer games this weekend at Bill Smith Ballpark.

This is the third year the Drover softball team has had such a game and the second year for USAO’s baseball team. Drovers Against Cancer has organized a pink game for soccer and basketball already this school year.