The Best People

I am spending the day at an enrollment management conference, where I've been asked, "why do you stay where you are?" The answer for me is simple: I work with the best people on earth.

In my 27 years in higher education, I've never met such a supportive, capable, talented group of people as those who share responsibilities in the Media and Community Relations Office today. Kellie is the hands-down leader in hospitality and customer service. Shayna brings creative ideas to life and leads in everyone in collaboration, which is rare for an artist. Dave puts his heart into everything he does and never 'punches a clock.' Rob is the Good Humor Man who models service, civility and discernment. Jessica leads the team in resourcefulness and productivity. Adam stands heads above the rest of us in cooperation and service leadership. Finally, Cody juggles many bosses but keeps his 'eye on the prize' of responsive service.

Yeah, I'm not going anywhere.