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Global Perceptions of Liberal Arts Education

Reviewing the posts on my LinkedIn profile, I ran across this article about global perceptions of liberal arts education. I thought this report revealing, particularly as it highlights the differences between the US and our major economic competitors around the world. In short, it seems that in reaction to the economic recession of 2007, the United States has retreated from the broad-based education typified by the liberal arts. Instead, it has tightened its focus on what I would call job centered education.

Professional History

Only though education can a people appreciate, value, preserve and contribute to their own freedom and self-governance. in USAO, I find an unequaled partner in my desire to help others obtain an education and through that transform themselves and their communities into their best possible versions.

Academic Background

Voter registration this week!

Stop by the cafeteria during lunch time this week (9/17-9/21) to register to vote. SGA Senators will be handing out voter registration applications.

New Welcome Week schedule is up!

Click here to see the events SAB has lined up for USAO from August 26 to August 31.

Getting ready for fall

Lots of great programs are heading your way here at USAO. From foam parties, to magicians, to hypnotists, be sure to LIKE our USAO Student Activities page to keep up with what's going on around campus.

^^^Like this!

End of first week!

Finished my first week here at USAO. Met some wonderful people and some amazing students. This'll be a wonderful year.

If I haven't met you yet, feel free to stop by my office in Student Services 302. I'd love to get to know you!



Glad to be here!

Hey everyone! I'm Roland, the new Director of Student Development at USAO. I'm glad to be here and excited to get to know all of you!

The Economics Department is on Facebook!

Join Economics majors and graduates on the USAO Economics Department Facebook page to discuss all things econ! No doubt there will be lots of debates about deficits and international trade, many references to obscure 18th century philosophers, and probably some equations, too. 


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