Acting Courses Now for Everyone


Not every student is an actor or artist, but at USAO all students must fill an "artistic expression" requirement.   "Now their options have been expanded slightly," announced Roger B. Drummond, associate professor of drama.

Under a new interpretation of the guidelines, students may take a class in basic or advanced acting to fill the requirement, he said.

College Presidents Irked Over Funding Changes


Representing the presidents of 18 Oklahoma colleges and uni­versities, USAO President Roy Troutt last week urged the Okla­homa State Regents for Higher Edu­cation to rethink their new method of allocating state funds.  Most college presidents were "surprised, disappointed, frustrated and concerned" over new funding levels, Troutt said.

Seminars Offered by USAO


Police, college edu­cators and social ser­vices experts have once again joined forces to present two one-hour classes at the University of Sci­ence and Arts of Ok­lahoma. The courses, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, are a joint effort be­tween three local in­stitutions -- the Women's Ser­vice and Family Resource Center, the Chickasha Police Department and USAO's sociology faculty.

Can you believe it?

Can you believe summer is already over? Just like when I was in elementary school, it flew by. Especially as soccer season quickly approached.

And now, I firmly believe I will be crazy busy until school breaks in December. But that's the nature of the business, and you know I love it.

Welcome New Freshmen!

Letter from the President / The Trend Freshman Issue
August 2010

Welcome freshmen and returning students!

Our Next Century: Fast Forward

Letter from the President to Discover Chickasha Special Edition
Chickasha Express Star / Summer 2009

Our Second Century has begun!

Handy SQL Snippets


SET GLOBAL max_allowed_packet=16*1024*1024;


Use this snippet if Drupal is giving you this error: user warning: Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes query:



Used to delete all from table... replace "cache" with whatever table you want to delete all entries from.

420 Characters: Like Haiku, Only Much Longer

I was reading my favorite blog today, The Daily Heller, and he mused about this book 420 Characters. Illustrator Lou Beach is using his Facebook status (limited to 420 characters) as a holding place for short stories, very short stories, and very poetic. How creative is that! Last year I was reading about sms poetry contests, and now facebook status short stories! Wow, how technology and social media have changed the face of literature.

Come On By!

Can't Wait for Fall 2010!  Come by & See Me!

Amazing USAO

USAO is an amazing place to work.  I love interacting with the students.  My husband and I have become very close friends with a girl from Africa.  It's wonderful to get to know students from many different nations, including this one. Each student is extra special; all kinds of different personalities and outlooks.  Each one created for something special in life.

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