Unix Commands That Come in Handy

Change permissions Recursively

For chmod and chown you can use the -R option. With -R it is possible to change files and directories recursively.  This will change the permissions of the testfolder and all files and subdirectories inside.

chmod -R 755 /testfolder


File Transfer via SSH

copy from a remote machine to my machine:

scp user@ /me/Desktop/file.txt

copy from my machine to a remote machine:

Git has come.

Today I added Git (the fast version control system) to our server so that I should be able to keep track of code changes.  This involved a few days of research and a ton of trial and error.   The best resource I could find would be  His site had exactly what I needed.

IDS on Facebook

Become a fan of the IDS Core on Facebook! The page has information you need about the Core, and you can connect with other students and alums who've experienced IDS. We'll post updates about what's happening in IDS classes and the amazing research our faculty and students are conducting, share articles about the liberal arts and interdisciplinary learning, and give fans an opportunity to share questions and impressions about IDS. 

Mission underway

3-2-1 blast off!

The committee I created to increase attendance at our basketball games (see previous note) had its first meeting, and I think it went really well. I was surprised at the number of people who showed up because I hadn't heard back from a few of them. We had almost everyone there (the few who were missing were out of town or otherwise unavailable). The group brainstormed ideas, then we talked about options, and then discussed the sensitive topic of budget.

Mission: Drover Attendance

While meeting with a USAO alum and former basketball coach of about a million different schools, I realized I had a big project on my hands. I was going to increase the attendance at our basketball games. I want to double it. This just might be a huge undertaking. As the alum continued to give me suggestions, I was filled with this excitement and joy that I hadn't felt in a long time. This is my mission.

Another inspiring animation

I was thinking about a great student project I ran across in terms of animating poetry or lyrics. This is a beautiful example typography in motion.

Feeling Good, Nina Simone

Helvetica vs Arial

I was asked by Jessica and Kellie why I don't like Arial and I guess it is primarily a snobbery issue. The general reason is because it is Window's not as attractive knockoff version of the classic, my good friend, Helvetica. If you are not completely bored of typeface talk then you may understand a little more by reading these two articles. See excerpt here:

More Escape Routes

Also, there is a fantastic exhibition that opened on May 20 at The Animazing Gallery in SoHo, New York including the weird, wonderful and wacky artists and illustrators, Dr.

A Good Time for Pretend

Every time I think of the terrible mess caused by the recent oil spills and the depressing state of the economy, I think it's a good time to be be immersed in beautifully mysterious and interwoven fantasy worlds. I definitely recommend the book Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norell by Susanna Clarke. Some patience is required to get into it. However, I was eventually taken completely in by the depth and credibility of the universe she created.

The Begining of Something Beautiful

Hi, I'm Shayna Woidke from the Media and Community Relations Office and I hope I will get to know some really talented students through this project. It's known as Shayna's Crazy Animation Thingy around the office. It is really crazy and ambitious to think that we can get all the approvals, find the right students, agree on a concept, make original artwork, write a script, compose music, and have a compelling final product all by November. It's just crazy! The final goal is to give students a real life production experience.

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