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More test animations!

We are frantically trying to get all the artwork done and begining some of the animation. This video on our facebook page will give you an idea about the look that our final work will have. Thanks Jed for making it happen.

Our first Animation Scene!

This week we finished the story boarding process and started to make all the parts for our first scene. I took several pictures while moving the various parts to make a quick mock up of what the animation will look like. It's Awesome!

Another inspiring animation

I was thinking about a great student project I ran across in terms of animating poetry or lyrics. This is a beautiful example typography in motion.

Feeling Good, Nina Simone

The Begining of Something Beautiful

Hi, I'm Shayna Woidke from the Media and Community Relations Office and I hope I will get to know some really talented students through this project. It's known as Shayna's Crazy Animation Thingy around the office. It is really crazy and ambitious to think that we can get all the approvals, find the right students, agree on a concept, make original artwork, write a script, compose music, and have a compelling final product all by November. It's just crazy! The final goal is to give students a real life production experience.

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