Can you believe it?

Can you believe summer is already over? Just like when I was in elementary school, it flew by. Especially as soccer season quickly approached.

And now, I firmly believe I will be crazy busy until school breaks in December. But that's the nature of the business, and you know I love it.

Soccer — although they attempted to open up regular season Tuesday — will start season play tomorrow. Games, stats, photos, stories, coaches — it's all back in full swing. I feel pretty well prepared, however. Our posters are printed, delivered and being displayed as you read this. Schedule cards can be found around campus and the community. And the media guide is out of my hands and now in the printer's.

And one of my favorite parts about my job — helping co-host and co-produce (if you can call it that) our show In the Saddle — is back and running. (See the newest episode at And I again feel like I can breathe, even if I only take a breath or two.

One exciting thing about this season is our first opportunity to offer free live stats during all our home games! During games, you can access the live stats on our sports website. ( The browser will refresh every few seconds so viewers get up-to-the-minute stats and play-by-play during the game. It's something that has been long overdue, and we're excited to bring it to USAO.

All-in-all, it's going to be a great season with USAO sports information. Let the games begin!