Grievance Procedures

The following procedures have been established for processing student grievances against the University or a member of the University community, other than a student or student group. Student grievances against other students or groups of students are resolved through procedures established by the Student Government Association.

The paramount function of these procedures is to determine whether an institutional error or an injustice has occurred and if so, what constitutes an appropriate redress for the grievance.

Students are encouraged to discuss their grievance informally with the Dean of Student Services. Confidentiality is assured. For grievances against a faculty/staff member, the faculty/staff member and the departmental chairperson shall be informed in writing by the Dean of Student Services.

A meeting between the student and faculty/staff member may be scheduled to attempt to resolve the grievance. If it is not resolved at this level, or if it is appropriate, a meeting with the faculty member, the student, the departmental chair, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, and the Dean of Student Services shall be scheduled.

If grievances cannot be resolved informally, the student may thoroughly explain the grievance in writing on the Report of Grievance and submit the form to the Dean of Student Services. The Report of Grievance shall be referred to the chairperson of the Grievance Committee, who shall convene the committee. Grievances against a departmental chairperson shall be referred to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

The Grievance Committee consists of two members of the faculty, two members of the professional/classified staff, and two members of the Student Government Association, appointed by the Student Government Association President, with the confirmation of the Student Senate. Members of the Grievance Committee serve one-year terms. Committee members are absolved of any and all personal liability or responsibility for decisions made and actions taken by the committee (adopted by Regents, 1-77, revised 6-79, revised 6-82).