Early Childhood Education

This program prepares individuals to obtain an Oklahoma teaching certificate in early childhood education and become effective teachers in this area. Individuals certified in early childhood education are qualified to teach pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, first, second, and third grade levels (PK-3). A grade of “C” or better is required in all professional education classes and classes specific to the major.

Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education

Required Professional Education Core (28 hours):

Course                                                    Title                                                                               Hours Required

EDUC 2002                                            Orientation to Teaching                                                           2

EDUC 2011                                            Directed Field Experiences I                                                     1

EDUC 2022                                            Education of the Exceptional Child                                            2

EDUC 3102                                            Educational Psychology                                                           2

EDUC 3211                                            Directed Field Experiences II                                                   1

EDUC 3343                                            Educational Media and Technology                                           3

EDUC 3443                                            Child Development                                                                 3

EDUC 4310*                                          Student Teaching in Elementary School                                     10

EDUC 4442                                            Classroom Management & Evaluation Theory                            2

EDUC 4542*                                          Applied Professional Studies                                                    2

*Courses must be taken concurrently.

Required Early Childhood Education Core (44 hours):

EDUC 1123                                           Health, Safety, and Nutrition                                                     3           

MATH 2113                                           Number Systems and Problem Solving                                       3

EDUC 2323                                           Reading I: Foundations of Literacy                                             3

NSCI 2423                                            Science in the Elementary School                                              3

EDUC 3003                                           Language Arts in Elementary Schools                                         3

Math 3113                                            Foundations of Geometry and Measurement                               3

EDUC 3222                                           Reading II: Strategies and Materials for Literary Instruction          2

ENGL 3302                                           Young People's Literature                                                          2

EDUC 3303                                           Early Childhood Education: Cognitive Skills/Arts and Movement     3

EDUC 3312                                           Primary Math Methods                                                              2

EDUC 4233*                                         Early Childhood Education: Curriculum and Program Planning        3

EDUC 4313                                           Child Guidance                                                                         30

EDUC 4323                                           Reading III: Assessment and Instruction of Literacy                     3

EDUC 4412*                                         Early Childhood Education:  Practicum                                        2

NSCI 2113                                            Geology/Oceanography                                                            3

                                                           Math Elective                                                                          3

*Courses must be taken concurrently.                                           


A recommendation for Elementary certification can be added to Early Childhood certification if the early childhood candidate:

  1.  Completes all early childhood program requirements
  2.  Completes the following additional 8 hours with a “C” or better: EDUC 3203 School and Society, EDUC 4003 Social 
     Studies in the Elementary School, EDUC 3321 Elementary Math Teaching Strategies, and EDUC 3221 Directed Field
     Experiences Supplemental
  3.  Passes the Elementary OSAT