Howard Meredith Indian Humanities

Professor of American Indian Studies

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  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Oklahoma, 1999
  • Master of Philosophy, University of Oklahoma, 1991
  • Bachelor of History, University of Oklahoma, 1987
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Dr. Lee Hester has been a member of the USAO faculty since 2000. He teaches Tribal Government and Law, History of Federal Indian Law, Justice and Federal Indian Law, Theories of Sovereignty, Contemporary American Indian Issues, American Indian Identity, Native American Philosophy, Pan-Indianism, American Indian Art, American Indians in Film, American Indian Economics, Casino Management, Plains Indian Warfare, Removal, Native American Contemporary and Traditional Literature, Wichita Clemente, Chickasaw Clemente, Kiowa Tribal Government and American Indian Education.

Hester is the director of American Indian Studies and director of the Meredith Indigenous Humanities Center. He is the advisor to all American Indian Studies majors and is a faculty advisor to American Indian student organization on campus.

Hester has been published in numerous American Indian journals, newspapers and newsletters that include American Indian Wars on the Solver Screen, On Philosophical Discourse andCeremonial Worlds and Environmental Sanity. He also has published a book entitled Political Principles and Indian Sovereignty.

He was awarded the Presidential Award of Excellence for Environmental Protection Services in 1973 by President Richard Nixon.

In addition to his classroom activities, Hester is the Cultural Committee chair for the Oklahoma Choctaw Tribal Alliance Inc., is a founding board member for the Oklahoma Association for Healthcare Ethics and is a member of Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers, the American Philosophical Association and the American Indian Philosophical Association.

Before coming to USAO, Hester taught at Oklahoma City University, Lakehead University and the University of Oklahoma.

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Davis Hall
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"It is high time that the ideal of success should be replaced by the ideal of service." - Albert Einstein

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