Class of 1960 Celebrates 50th Year

When the Class of 1960 decided to celebrate its 50th anniversary year in 2010, members joined together to select a bronze statue as a tribute to favorite faculty members and their own legacy on the OCW campus. 

Placed thoughtfully in the garden area between Austin and Troutt halls, the little girl in bronze honors six faculty members including Ruth Gardner Ball, Dr. Sam Evans, Mildred Johnson, Martha Shackleford, Robert Darnes, Sarah Ellis and Dr. Mary Russell. 

It also bears the name of 1960 classmates Carol Jean Moore Souvignier, Carol Taylor, W. Sue Elkins Long, Mikela Adams Grider, Jimmie C. McGuire, Mary Lou Marshall.


An open letter from Paulette Pogue:

Why We Chose ‘Hope’

When the OCW Class of ‘60 considered a gift to the school, my friend Lynn Ledford and I discussed the possibilities of a bronze statue -- one that would say something special about the Class of 1960. 

Lynn knew about this bronze company called Bronze West.  We went to the site on the web and started looking for 'girl' things.  We first found what we thought was an ideal statue of a girl on a stool reading a book.  We both like her, so we proceeded to appoint ourselves a committee, along with Karen Sue Moore Kinsinger, to try to make this happen. 

We kept the phone lines hot talking to each other and making plans. We also had correspondence off and on with the Bronze West rep asking many questions over a year and half period.

Letters were mailed out to the class and the race was on to get donations for the statue.  We brought it before the alumni board and Dr. John Feaver (president), and it was met with approval.  As time passed, we became discouraged by the lack of funds coming in. So, we sent another letter reminding people of the reunion.  We wanted them there even if they couldn't help fund the statue. 

A few months later, we once again checked the bronze website, and low and behold, here was this “girl setting on a bench reading a book.”  We were more excited about her than the original pick. 

After getting the 1960 class President, Jimmie Lou Elliott Brown, on board, another letter was sent out urging attendance at homecoming and funds if they could and wanted to give.  We reached our goal and the girl, "HOPE,” who now sits between the Ad building and Austin Hall is our gift to the school. 

We encourage all who are on campus to visit her and think of the hope you have -- or we had -- for our future.  With the help of this university, the class of 1960 was able to latch onto that hope and make successes of our lives.

She is charming and we are proud of the choice.  The school and Dr. Michael Nealeigh (VP for advancement) are to be thanked for getting her in place; and the class of 1960 for the funds and drive to make it happen.

Paulette Pogue, ‘60