Collaborative Creations


It's known as Shayna's Crazy Animation Thingy around the office. It is really crazy and ambitious to think that we can get all the approvals, find the right students, agree on a concept, make original artwork, write a script, compose music, and have a compelling final product all by November. It's just crazy! The final goal is to give students a real life production experience. Budgeting a project, setting interim deadlines, working as a team of individuals from different backgrounds, and seeing a momentus project thru from conception to completion. We hope that the final production will be a work of art that can be shown in animation festivals and ultimately at the World Creative Forum as a testiment to where our university stands as a Liberal Arts College in a state like Oklahoma. We also plan to keep track of the creative process, take interviews from the participants, photos and videos of the project at many stages, a behind the scenes experience of sorts. Visit our page for more info.