Collaborative Creations 2010


Collaborative Creations (name pending) is a concept project that aims to bring visibility to the creative talent within our university. The final product will be a collaboration of video, animation, photography, music, and writing that explores a given theme. The goal is to give a handful of exceptional students real experience working on a production team as well as the opportunity to display a quality final product to a global audience. The end product will be displayed at the World Creativity Forum in November, entered into film festivals, and shown to prospective students in high schools, on the web, and at university recruiting events. The team will provide the talent and the Media & Community Relations designer, Shayna Woidke, will serve as Creative Director for the team. David Duncan will supervise video editing and composition.

This year’s theme will be based around the idea of frontiers. Creative Frontiers is the theme for the World Creativity Forum this year and we would like to mesh with that theme. They list in their reason for choosing Oklahoma as the host:

“Because Oklahoma has been named "The State of Creativity" by Sir Ken Robinson (an internationally recognized leader in the development of creativity and innovation), because the land run of 1889 placed people of different backgrounds next to each other forcing them to combine and come up with new ideas, because our native son John Bennett Herrington was the first Native American in space, because more astronauts were born in Oklahoma than any other state, because Oklahoma is the ONLY North American member of Districts of Creativity, a collection of the world's foremost regions on creativity and innovation.”

Our interpretation of the concept of frontiers is up to us. It can be frontiers of the mind, the western frontier, scientific frontiers, exploring frontiers, or a collage of several definitions.


Positions Available

Writer: The writer will work with the creative team to provide a quality script for the video. The script may take the form of poetry, vignette, prose, short story, essay, or dialog. The options are endless and will drive the visual concept of the final product.

Musician (Composition): The composer will work with the creative team to write and produce music that enhances the message and complements the visual direction of the final product.

Artist (illustration, painting, sculpture): Up to 5 artists will be accepted to work on our team. The artists can work as a team or take on unique roles depending on the talents of the individuals accepted. We will need storyboarding, 2D animation, possibly props and settings built from a collage of materials available. The artists will collaborate with the team to determine a final color scheme and style guidelines for the integration of elements into the final project.

Project Coordinator: The project coordinator may be from any major (communication, sociology, business, etc.). This person will manage fundraising, set interim deadlines, coordinate meetings, and assist with communication between team members working on different tasks as well as between the Media & Community Relations office and the team.

Photo Journalist & Blogger: The journalist will promote our project by keeping records of the creative process both through photography and a project blog. This individual will work with the project coordinator to take notes during team meetings about decisions reached and maintain a status report to be turned in at the end of the project.


Submission Guidelines

To apply for a position, please fill out the application form here and attach samples of your work, a resume, or a letter of recommendation. 

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