Housing Rules and Regulations

  1. Alterations: Furniture, closets, bookshelves, TV cables, phone jacks, or any electrical wiring may not be moved or altered in any way.
  2. Bicycles/Motorcycles: Bicycles must be registered and may be stored in residents’ room, if agreeable to roommates. Bicycles shall not be ridden in student housing. Motorized vehicles may not be stored in Student Housing, unless approved by the housing director.
  3. Building Entry: Entering or exiting through windows is prohibited. Removal of window screens is prohibited and will result in disciplinary sanctions. Guests are to enter and exit through the main front entrance only.
  4. Check-in and Check-out Procedures: Instructions given at the beginning and ending of each term shall be followed.
    • Check-in: Complete a check-in inventory and condition form with a Resident Assistant and pick up your key.
    • Check-out: Return your living area to original order, including the removal of all personal items and clean all areas, then schedule an appointment with your Resident Assistant. The room shall be checked for cleanliness and/or damages. If damages occur, additional paperwork shall be completed. Not signing paperwork does not cancel the damage charges. Your key must be returned at the time of check-out.
  5. Damage: Residents shall be held liable for any damages and/or lost property they cause in either public or private areas of student housing by accident, neglect or intent. Damages must be reported within 24 hours of the occurrence to the housing director. When multiple residents occupy the same room or living area, and the University cannot ascertain responsibility for damage or loss in the room, costs shall be divided equally among the residents of the room. Non-payment of debts may result in the withholding of academic records.
  6. Decorations: Use only small nails or pins. Do not use 3M products.
  7. Deposits: Residents who properly check out of student housing at the end of the contract period are eligible for a refund of the security deposit. Appropriate University charges may be deducted from this refund. Requests for deposit refund shall be made in writing on your check out sheet. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks to process your deposit refund. Residents that break their Student Housing contract after a room is reserved and a contract has been signed shall forfeit the security deposit.
  8. Doors: Propping open doors in Student Housing presents a security risk for all residents and is prohibited. Using the dead bolt mechanism as a doorstop is prohibited as it may result in damage to the door. No door decorations are allowed unless approved by the housing director.
  9. Electrical Appliances: United Laboratories approved appliances with fully enclosed heating elements and/or electrical wiring are permitted. Hot plates, halogen lamps, open coil appliances, electric space heaters, air conditioners, and appliances that could melt or overheat if left unattended constitute a fire hazard and are prohibited. Use of multiple socket plugs, running cords under carpeting and direct splicing in the electrical outlet is prohibited. The use of U.L. approved surge protection strips is acceptable and recommended. Microwaves 1200 watts or less and refrigerators 5 cubic feet or less are allowed in student housing.
  10. Fire Drills: A fire drill is conducted at least once per trimester. All persons in the building must participate in the fire drill and evacuate the building. Residents who do not comply with this regulation are subject to a fine or further disciplinary action. Residents shall consider any fire alarm real and evacuate the building immediately.
  11. Fire Hazard: Portable grills, candles, incense, open flame decorations, and propane/butane torches are fire hazards and are therefore prohibited.
  12. Furniture: Student Housing rooms are furnished. Furniture, including mattresses, may not be moved from any room and must remain indoors at all times. Furniture used on porches or balconies is limited to furniture designated for out-door use only and will be subject to approval by the University. Furniture not meeting the approval of the University shall be removed and disposed of at the expense of the resident.
    • Lobby Furniture: Lobby furniture shall not be moved from the lobby. Furniture located in public areas is for the use of all residents. Please refrain from rearranging public area furniture to avoid potential damage to the furniture and the floor coverings. If lobby furniture is discovered in a resident’s room, disciplinary action may be taken.
    • Pool Furniture: Pool furniture shall not be removed from the pool area.
  13. Inspection: The University respects the privacy of each resident, but reserves the right to enter Student Housing in order to meet emergency situations, to make routine maintenance or fire hazard inspections, to maintain health and safety standards, and to enforce regulations.
  14. Keys: Residents may not lend their room key to anyone at anytime. Lost keys must be reported to the Residence Hall Director or Apartment Manager immediately and shall result in a re-key fee. If a lockout occurs contact the Resident Assistant.
  15. Liability: The University is not responsible for personal property that is lost, stolen, or damaged on the USAO cam-pus. It is recommended that residents purchase renters insurance to protect personal items.
  16. Littering/Throwing Objects: Littering or throwing objects from windows or balconies is prohibited. Residents are responsible for proper disposal of all trash in designated trash receptacles and around their living area.
  17. Maintenance Requests: Maintenance requests must be reported immediately to the residence life staff.
  18. Painting: Painting of a room is prohibited. Spray painting in designated areas as assigned by housing director.
  19. Pets: Pets other than fish are not permitted in or around housing, except certified service/comfort animals assisting the disabled. This includes dogs, cats, snakes, caged reptiles, mice or other small pets. Guests may not bring dogs, cats or other pets to the area while visiting.
  20. Public Areas: Personal belongings are not to be left in public areas due to health and safety regulations. Any personal items found in these areas shall be removed. The University is not responsible for items left in public areas.
  21. Quiet/Courtesy Hours: Quiet hours are maintained to provide an atmosphere conducive to learning and education.
    • Sunday - Thursday 10PM to 10AM
    • Friday - Saturday midnight to 10AM
    • During finals week, quiet hours are extended to 24 hours a day until after the last scheduled exam. Noise disruptive to the educational environment is prohibited.
    • Courtesy hours are in effect in student housing 24 hours a day. Excessive noise is discouraged. Persistent noise violations will result in disciplinary action.
  22. Smoking: USAO is a tobacco-free campus.
  23. Telephones: Residents must provide their own telephones. By request, a local line may be provided in each Student Housing room. Residents must provide their own long distance service and acceptance of collect calls is not permitted. Residents shall not connect any computer to the telephone system for dialup computer access. Network jacks are provided in each room for this purpose.
  24. Television, Stereos, Musical Instruments and Equipment: Use must not disturb other residents. If they are played too loudly, as judged by the Residence Life Staff, the offender shall be required to resolve the disturbance. Failure to comply when notified by the Residence Life Staff may result in removal and storage by the University until it is convenient for the owner to take it home and/or fines are paid.
  25. Tobacco Products: Tobacco product use is not permitted in student housing.
  26. Visitation: Residents have the right to invite guests into their rooms. They also have the right to be secure from un-wanted or uninvited people. The University shall attempt to honor both rights. The residents of Student Housing are responsible for their guests and ensuring that they follow all policies while visiting. Guests who violate Student Housing or University policies shall be held to the same code of conduct as USAO students, with the resident taking the assessed punishment, including payment for damaged property. Visitors under the age of 18 are not permitted to visit the Residence Halls without permission from the Residence Hall Director.


  • Lawson Court has 24-hour visitation, but cohabitation is prohibited. Guests cannot stay overnight for more than two consecutive days or four total days in any one trimester.
  • Overnight guests, regardless of gender, must be approved by the Residence Hall Director.
  • Visitors must be escorted by a resident at all times.