Sociology is the scientific study of human society and patterns of social behavior. It is concerned with social structures and processes, including groups, organizations, societies, institutions, social-cultural change, socializations, social interaction, and social relationships.

Sociology provides a foundation for further professional training in applied areas such as public administration, social work, law, criminal justice and gerontology, or graduate study in sociology and other related areas, and toward careers in teaching and research.

The sociology major with a Bachelors of Arts is well prepared, in conjunction with the richness of liberal arts education, for a variety of career opportunities in business, industry, government,  and other social agencies.

Instruction in the sociology program at USAO also incorporates hands-on research and statistical analysis. This provides a solid foundation for graduate studies as well as preparing participants for a more productive work life. We guarantee a rich and fulfilling educational experience in our USAO sociology program.