The following is a template for the Annual Report revised on December 12, 2011,that is available in digital form for faculty convenience. This template is consistent with Faculty Responsibilities and Ethics.


January 1, 2____ to December 31, 2____

Department: _________________________

Division: ____________________________ Name: Last: ______________________ First: _________________________


Please include (1) course numbers, (2) course titles, (3) credit hours, and (4) enrollment sizes.

Spring Trimester

Summer Trimester

Fall Trimester

Attach syllabus for each lecture course taught. laboratory/activity course.

Attach course outline for each

2. Did you have special assignments in lieu of a full teaching load? If so, please describe.

3. Development

  1. Describethemosteffectiveteachingstrategiesyouhaveusedthroughthe years and explain why you have found them to be effective.

  2. Describechangesinyourcoursesand/orteachingstrategies,ifany,that were made during this period to increase the general effectiveness of your teaching.

  3. Describe changes in your courses and/or teaching, if any, which were made during this period to increase academic rigor. 

d. Describewhatyoudotoencouragescholarlyuseofthelibrarybyyour students.

4. Evaluation

What procedures were employed in evaluating your courses and teaching? Attach copies of all student evaluations.

a. Pleaselistanyarea(s)ofstrengthcommonlymentionedinstudent evaluations.

b. Pleaselistanyarea(s)ofconcerncommonlymentionedinstudentevaluations.

c. Discuss any changes you anticipate making in your teaching as a result of student evaluations.

5. ChairTeachingEvaluation(forFirstYearfacultyonly)

Discuss first year teaching experience at USAO and any changes you anticipate making over the next three trimesters.

Other: Include any additional information regarding your teaching which you wish to include.


Number of advisees

Approx. time spent with each advisee per session

Approximate number of advisement sessions per advisee (per trimester)

Has a degree requirement check sheet been created for your advisees?



  1. Presentations,performances,and/orexhibitsatlocal,state,regionalornational conferences or meetings. Attach copies of papers presented or published proceedings which show your work. Please include the (1) date of program, (2) name of the group, size of the group, and if your expenses were paid either by USAO or an outside group.

  2. Professionalmeetingsattended--local,state,regionalandnational.Donot duplicate those listed above. Please include the (1) date of the meeting, (2) name of the organization and (3) theme of the meeting.

    How did you use the meetings to improve your effectiveness at USAO? 57

  1. Professionalorganizationsinwhichyouholdactivemembership

  2. Publications(published)

  3. Publications(acceptedorbeingpreparedforpublication--indicatewhich).

  4. Research,development,and/orcreativeprojectsrecentlycompletedor underway: Please describe the project briefly and its status regarding completion.

  5. Research,development,and/orcreativeprojectsplanned:Descriptionof proposed project or projects.

  6. Ifstudentsareorwillbeinvolvedinyourscholarlyactivities,pleaseexplainhow.

  7. Pleasedescribeanycontributionyouhavemadetowardthedevelopmentofan outstanding undergraduate research program for USAO.

    1. University,FacultyAssociation,oruniversity-relatedadhoccommittees 2. State,RegionalandNationalcommitteesorcommissions
    3. Communityactivitiesandcontributions
    4. Activitiesorgroups(bothon-andoff-campus)thatyouhavesponsored

    1. Listrecruitingactivitiesanddesignateanythathavebeenoff-campus.

    2. Engagementactivities–pleaselisttheon-campusactivitiesthatyouhave attended including but not limited to symposia, plays, art gallery shows, concerts, athletic events etc.


    1. PleaseattachsyllabiforallIDScoursesyouteach(ifapplicable)

      1. Describe teaching strategies you have found to be effective in the IDS program.

      2. Describe any recent changes in your courses and/or teaching that were made to make both more effective. Be specific.

      3. Describe any changes you anticipate making in your IDS courses during the next three trimesters.

      4. Describe what you do to encourage high academic standards and student performance in your IDS courses.

    2. TeamTeaching(ifapplicable)

a. Describe the team-teaching methods used in each course. 

b. Describe any changes you anticipate making in your team-teaching methods in the future.

3. Describeanywaysyousupporttheinterdisciplinary,liberalartsmissionofthe college.

  1. OTHER -- Describe or list any additional accomplishments which do not fit easily into categories A,B,C,D, and E.


    1. TheFacultyHandbookdescribesexpectedfacultyperformanceinthesectionson Faculty Responsibilities, Criteria for Promotion and Tenure, Tenure Review, Guidelines for Faculty Performance, and the Guidelines for the Development of Promotion and Tenure Dossiers. Summarize your progress as supported by the Annual Report in the faculty performance criteria for the academic career step currently applicable to you.

    2. Listgoalsyouhaveforthenextcalendaryearand/orareaswhichyouplanto strengthen regarding teaching, scholarship and service.

    3. Listanyplannedoranticipatedactivitiesassociatedwiththeaboveitem.

    4. Whatassistancewillyouneedtoaccomplishtheseactivities?