Pursuant to the 1965 directive, the 1993 articulation, and OSRHE’s goals expressed in the 2005 Mission Enhancement Plan, graduates of USAO are expected:

  • ·  To act creatively and passionately in both professional and personal endeavors.

  • ·  To write and speak clearly and persuasively.

  • ·  To think critically and rationally in analyzing information.

  • ·  To apply tools of the scientific method and mathematics appropriately.

  • ·  To understand the behavior and welfare of individuals within the larger society. 

  • ·  To explore the richness of global and domestic political and economic systems, religious beliefs, philosophical inquiry, literary contributions, cultural histories, technological developments, and artistic expressions.

  • ·  To value free inquiry, interdisciplinary perspective, and the civil exchange of opinion.

  • ·  To commit to a lifetime of learning guided by a distinctive liberal arts education as a vehicle to interpret new experience and to mold the future.

  • The administration, faculty, and staff of USAO are committed to realizing these Student Outcomes.