The President of the Faculty Association, in consultation with the other Faculty Association officers, appoints the members of Faculty Association committees and the chair of each committee.

The committees for Curriculum, Resources, and Faculty Handbook should include at least one member from each academic division. The Promotion and Tenure committee has composition and functions described below.

To maintain continuity in fulfilling the responsibilities delegated to each committee, terms of appointment should be staggered.

The Curriculum Committee, the Resources Committee, and the Faculty Handbook Committee of the Faculty Association submit their recommendations to the Faculty Association for consideration. The Faculty Association submits its recommendations directly to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for consideration.

All committees conduct business complying with the laws of Oklahoma and with the policies of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, the Regents of the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, and the administration of the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma in consultation with Faculty Association officers.

The functions and procedures of the committees are as follows:

Curriculum Development: To receive, review, evaluate, initiate, and recommend to the Faculty Association regarding the development of, or changes in, courses or curricula. Requirements: One member from each division and one member at large. All members of this committee should have completed at least three years as a full-time member of the faculty at USAO. 

Faculty Handbook: To study, review, and keep current policies and procedures which pertain to faculty, and, in cooperation with the Vice President for Academic Affairs, edit the Faculty Handbook. Requirements: One member from each division and one member at large.

Resources: To formulate and protect criteria for improving the instructional environment. Its goals include, but are not limited to, increasing communication between faculty and administration; preparing supply, support, and facility changes to enhance teaching; and instigating changes in faculty benefits to encourage sound hiring and faculty retention. Members are the current Faculty Association president, immediate past president, president- elect and one representative from each academic division, two of whom will rotate off each year.

Faculty Promotion and Tenure: To review the candidate's tenure or promotion dossier, to evaluate the recommendations from the Division and the Division Chair, and to recommend directly to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Requirements: All members of the committee must be tenured and in the rank of associate professor or above. Two members from each division should be appointed to serve. Ideally, these members should be from different disciplines within the division. Division chairs may not serve.

The foregoing descriptions do not preclude the Faculty Association from establishing any committee it wishes to advise the Faculty Association on any matter.