Grievances should go through appropriate channels. If administrative solutions fail, the faculty member may file a grievance with the Faculty Grievance Committee.

Committee Composition

The Faculty Grievance Committee consists of a total of six members, including three members of the Administration appointed by the President of the University and three members of the tenured faculty appointed by the officers of the Faculty Association. Each year, three new members are appointed to serve two-year terms. The President of the University and the officers of the Faculty Association alternate between selecting one or two members. In odd- numbered years, the President will appoint two members and the officers of the Faculty Association one. In even-numbered years, officers of the Faculty Association will appoint two members and the President one.


The members of the committee shall select a chair from among themselves to serve for one school year. This position shall alternate between the administration and the faculty, based on the last year in which the committee met and chose a chair. No person shall serve on the committee for more than two consecutive years.

Grievances which cannot be resolved between the parties concerned will be submitted in writing to the Grievance Committee. The committee will investigate the problem and, within 15 days, submit in writing the grievance and the committee's suggested solution to the President of the University and to each of the concerned parties.

The President of the University will inform the committee and the parties of the decision reached and the proposed solution. If the problem has not been resolved within ten working days of the submission to the President, the faculty member(s) with the grievance may request, and will receive, a personal hearing before the President and the committee. Parties may have legal counsel present.

If, after all campus channels have been exhausted, no satisfactory solution has been reached, the party or parties may request in writing a hearing before the Board of Regents of the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.

Legal Liabilities of Committee Members

Members of the Grievance Committee are absolved of any and all personal liability or responsibility for decisions made and actions taken by the committee.