with Teacher Certification

The USAO Physical Education Teacher Certification Program is offered through the Division of Science and Physical Education and combines liberal arts learning with teacher preparation. Its goal is prepare individuals to become effective physical education teachers and to obtain an Oklahoma Teaching Certificate in physical education. This program a standards-based program, based on the standards and guidelines put forth by the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (AAHPERD), the State Competencies, and the findings from "Effective Teacher" research. Collectively, these standards and research findings provide the knowledge base for what physical education teachers should know and do.

Individuals successfully completing this program are qualified to obtain an Oklahoma teaching certificate and teach physical education in grades PK-12. Since USAO teacher certification programs are nationally certified by The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) certification in other states is simplified.  It is recommended that certification be initially obtained in Oklahoma prior to seeking certification from another state. 

A program checklist for a degree in physical education with teacher certification is provided below. Students wishing to pursue a teaching certificate in physical education should consult Dr. Nancy Osborn, the physical education advisor.


Physical Education Degree/Certification Plan

Program Requirements

Admission to the Teacher Education Program
Satisfied the Foreign Language Competency Requirement
Satisfied the Professional Portfolio Requirement
Admission to the Professional Trimester
Overall Grade Point Average 2.5
2.75 Grade Point Average in Certification Area
Successful Completion of Certification Exams


Required General Education/Liberal Arts Courses

IDS 1001 Fresh Orientation
Computer Proficiency
IDS 1013 Rhetoric/Critical Thinking
IDS 1113 Writing I
IDS 1213 Writing II
IDS 1133 Individual in Contemp Society
IDS 1223 Mathematics in the Modern World
IDS 2013 Foundations of Physical Science
IDS 2023 Foundations of Life Science
IDS 2011 Foundations of Life Science Lab
IDS 2133 American Civilization (History & Government) I
IDS 2143 American Civilization (History & Government) II
IDS 3223 Political & Economic Systems and Theories
IDS 3313 World Thought and Culture to 500 C.E.
IDS 3323 World Thought and Culture from 500 to 1650 C.E.
IDS 4333 World Thought and Culture from 1650 C.E. to Present
IDS 4522 Senior Seminar
PHED 1011 Concepts of Health and Fitness
PHED Any Activity (1 hour)
Artistic Expression, 2 hours

TOTAL HOURS in General Education: 47


Required Professional Education Courses

EDUC 2002 Orientation to Teaching
EDUC 2011 Directed Field Experiences I
EDUC 2022 Education of the Exceptional Child
EDUC 2103 Human Development and Learning
EDUC 3102 Educational Psychology
EDUC 3203 School & Society
EDUC 3211 Directed Field Experiences II
EDUC 3343 Educational Media and Technology

EDUC 4442 Classroom Management and Evaluation Theory
*EDUC 4405 Student Teaching
*EDUC 4305
*EDUC 4542 Applied Professional Studies

PHED 3104 Methods of Teaching Physical Education

*Courses must be taken concurrently.

TOTAL HOURS in Professional Education: 35


Required Courses in Physical Education: 41 or 42 Hours

PHED 1061 Folk, Square, and Social Dancing
PHED 1111 Beginning Swimming OR
PHED 1132 Water Safety Instruction
PHED 1422 Fund Team Sport Spring
PHED 1322 Fund Team Sport Fall
PHED 1222 Foundations of Physical Education
PHED 1233 Personal Health
PHED 2223 First Aid and Civil Defense
PHED 2233 Community and Consumer Health
*PHED 2313 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
PHED 2433 Human Anatomy and Physiology
PHED 3213 Kinesiology
PHED 3333 Physical Education in the Elementary School (For a minor in Elementary Education)
PHED 3342 Sports Officiating
PHED 4102 Organization and Administration of Physical Education
PHED 4212 Adapted Physical Education
PHED 4223 Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education
PHED 4313 Physiology of Exercise


Coaching Endorsement *Required for Coaching Endorsement:
PHED 2313 Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries*



A minor in education is available for a student pursuing a major in Physical Education.  A student must be successfully admitted to the Teacher Education Program to be able to enroll in any 3000 or 4000 level Professional Education course.

20 hours including:

EDUC 2002 Orientation to Teaching
EDUC 2011 Directed Field Experiences I
EDUC 2022 Education of the Exceptional Child
EDUC 2103 Human Growth and Development
EDUC 3102 Educational Psychology
EDUC 3203 School and Society
EDUC 3211 Directed Field Experiences II
EDUC 4442 Classroom Management and Evaluation Theory
PHED 3104  (Methods Course)